Yoga, 10

Reasons to practice Yoga:
Chair pose gives you the legs–and form–to not sit on  public toilets!
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Yoga, 9

Reasons to practice yoga: 
        it makes you feel strong and wonderful afterwards, and you can feel that way whenever you think of it during the day

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My Week of Not Running

I spent most of the week avoiding exercise and being, well, pissy.

I didn’t realize until I was sitting at my desk on Wednesday afternoon just why I felt that way. I had taken Monday off, cuz that is always my day off. I took Tuesday off cuz I was tired and cranky. I didn’t want to get up the next morning and walk on the treadmill.

So I was sitting there at my desk, thinking about how much I DIDN’T want to go home and exercise and how much I needed to after taking two days off.  And the lightbulb went on.

I was pissy because I couldn’t run. After walking the last half mile on my run last Friday, I’d decided my knees needed some serious time off. It seems to be working, walking down stairs isn’t as painful as it was. I still think I need to give them a little more time. Clearly taking six days off last week wasn’t enough.  Therefore, I am resisting temptation.

I have known for some time that my knees had a shelf life–and it probably wasn’t all that long. But I didn’t think they were going to give out just yet. And they most likely haven’t. But I am worried. And while, in theory, I had a plan for when they do give out, I don’t want to do it.  I don’t want to exercise this week because I am pouting. Just took me a few days to realize it.

I went home Wednesday night and walked Daisy–briskly. We did a mile in 15:16. Might have been 15 flat if someone hadn’t gotten all excited about seeing the neighbor’s dog. To be fair, he was barking at us from the lawn, and they hadn’t met yet. And still haven’t, as I scooped her up (she HATES that) and carried her right past. I followed the walk  with weights (for my core) and yoga (for my brain). Then I got up the next morning and did another brisk mile on the treadmill before heading out to work.

And felt the best on Thursday I had felt all week.
(but I still want to run!)

Whose in charge here?

Apparently, my knees are.

My left knee has been increasingly uncomfortable recently, probably from the extra stress the last two years while I babied my right knee. I have been wearing a brace on both, but I think my summer of pushing further, faster has come back to bite me.

Since I am doing my yoga month, I took this week off from running. My run last Friday was uncomfortable.  Going down hills with my left leg feels like someone is sliding a knife under my patella from the top. Fortunately, it rebounds fairly quickly when I hit level ground. And I have discovered that “slaloming” down the hill helps my legs a great deal, although I am sure people are wondering why I am running back and forth as I run down the hill 🙂 Just getting a few extra steps in!

I went for my first run for the week this morning. Now, originally, I had planned a fairly short run. But as my knees felt ok (the one steep-ish downhill did hurt), I kept going just “a little further.” I went out about 2.5 miles. And made it back about 2 miles before my left knee told me, in no uncertain terms, that it was done.  I walked the last half mile.

I had a hard time giving in. But I remembered seeing an older marathon runner I knew limping along daily because he just refused to stop. I thought it was foolish at the time.

I decided not to be foolish. Everyone has injury issues, and not pressing on to make it worse is the smart thing to do. Walking didn’t hurt at all, so I guess Daisy will be getting a lot of exercise for the next week! And I will be looking for exercises to make my knee muscles and tendons stronger.