The Rundown 1/19/15

my week in review:

I am varying my workout week length right now, trying to avoid burnout. So while I normally only take one day in seven off, I am allowing two in seven if I really don’t want to exercise on a particular day. I did in fact take two this week, but I also went out in the snow and helped cut and haul wood on one of those days. I love our wood stove–I just wish I didn’t have to go get its food.

I did manage to get in 2 run/run alternate days, 2 yoga and 1 weight training session. I left the weight training until Sunday because I just really, really  didn’t want to do it this week.  Funny thing is, after I did it and was all dripping in sweat, it wasn’t that bad. Sometimes we make up monsters under the bed, and when we look under the bed, it’s just a dust bunny.  Still, I am thinking I will get the weight training out of the way early this week so there is no dread involved.

I allow a certain amount of flexibility in my workout schedule. I don’t go to gyms–one, I live far out in the country, and, two, if I had to go somewhere to exercise I probably would never do it!  One great feature about this is that I don’t have to go to a certain class at a certain time. So a lot of my workouts are set upon when I feel like doing them during the day. I have an idea of what I have to do within the week, but I often leave it up to the day to decide what I am going to do. Works out fairly well except when I want to avoid a specific workout!

What is your worst exercise? Do you do it early in the week or push it off until you have to do it….or skip it entirely  for your week?

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