Annual Rundown

As I have said, 2014 was the first year I took running seriously. As I look back at my numbers for the year, I am not truly happy with them. However, they are a great starting point for 2015. Looking back can always show you where you want to go next and what you need to focus on. So, here are my stats:

Total Miles: 262.15

Best MPH: 9:08

Ave MPH: 12:09

Total Run Workouts: 113

Burgers Burned: 60

Races Run: 1 5K

Now, that is just the running. If you look at all my sports, I burned 160 burgers, and, really, isn’t that the important part? Especially since I probably only ate about five burgers the entire year. What I actually need is to know how many pizza slices I burned. I did like that if you added all my run times together I ran over two days. I think I shall aim for a week in 2015.

So, other goals for 2015?

Ave MPH: 10:50

Races Run: 1 5k/1 10k/1 obstacle race

Pizza Slices Burned: 100*

I have some definite ideas about how to improve my times. They involve a lot of lunges and pushing myself. I tend to slack on long runs. I think the hardest thing I am aiming for is an obstacle race. Running, sure, I can do that. Climbing over stuff, not so sure about. But it sounds like fun. Right? Right?

*Pizza is my weakness and I generally have it once a week, so I may need to up that number!

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