Silly Sunday Bucket List Numeral Two

So what else would I like to do, that seems relatively impossible? Let’s see…..

1) Make wings like Icarus and fly…just not too close to the sun. Maybe I will only do this at night?

2) Spar with Jackie Chan

3) Make a “Peace Ray”: when people start to fight, it forces them to sit and talk like humans. Any harm done to another while under said “Ray” will come back on the person attempting harm.

4) Direct a movie where the Hulk (any version you like) stars as Lincoln (and not the vampire hunting Lincoln, either)

5) Visit Wonderland

6) Make people believe that there are no bad dog breeds, only bad humans

7) Outlaw adding “gate” to anything that might at some point turn into a scandal. Too bad the DNC didn’t hold offices in a Holiday Inn!

8) Be a shepherd in an idyllic Scottish village

9) Control the weather–Like Sean Connery in The Avengers, only I will try to not be quite as homacidal

10) Invent a coffee patch

As always, check out Tempest Rose’s list (and others) @

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