The Rundown 1/26/15

     An odd thing happened this week :

                                                   I ran

Mother Nature and I have a strange love/hate relationship. I love her in all her glory, and I think we all can admit that she is rather glorious. Mountains, oceans, forests and plains, sunsets. I will run for all of them. But, sometimes, just sometimes, I hate her as she decides to make it impossible for me to do anything outside. It’s not so much the cold as it is the precipitation. She, on the other hand, continues on her way supremely unconcerned with my feelings.

But, the weather was extraordinarily temperate last week–at least, for Maine in January. It was between 25 and 35 degrees with no precipitation. So I laced up the sneakers and had the most miles in a week in just about two months. Sadly, that was still only 12 miles.

Since I had not run routinely recently, I decided to do what I call a “progressive” week: I start the week with a short run (2m in this case), and then add distance to each run. So, after my 2m, I did 3m and then 4m. I did those runs every other day, and on the off days I did 1m runs followed by yoga. By Sunday I was beat! And while Sunday didn’t work out–I’d hoped to do a 5m–I did get 6 days of exercise in.

                                                      In all, I would call it a good week.

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