Reasons to Yoga

As  a friend commented yesterday, some people lose weight doing “power yoga”. It is one of many reasons to practice yoga; I have decided to list a few others. 

–builds muscles by using our own body weight as resistance in the poses

–builds endurance as you learn to  hold the poses for longer and longer amounts of time

–feeling of well-being after a good stretch

–learn to control breathing

–stretches out muscles tight from other activities

–better understanding of how your body works and the muscles you use

–faster metabolism due to building muscles

–possibility of happiness and serenity

 There are more, of course.  Why do you practice Yoga? I would love to hear more reasons. And would any of the above reasons convince you to start practicing?

My First (and perhaps only) Blogging Award!

My friend Susie has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. She is so sweet. Her blog is SusieShy45, and it always a joy to read: so please check it out. This is my second blogging host site, and I love WordPress: I have made so many friends and found so many blogs to read some days I can’t keep up.

I started a blog because I want to write. Good reason, right? What I have found a vivid community of bloggers that I never expected. They are supportive, funny and very necessary to me. I thank everyone who reads my blog, and hope that I will continue to interest, entertain or inspire you (whatever it takes to keep you reading 😉 )


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Blogging 101

Today our task was to add a new page, and perhaps play with our menus. I did add a new page, Mapping our Course, so that all you readers know what to expect when here on my blog. Whenever I  update a page, I will do a little post so you know there is actually something new to look at 🙂