Silly Sunday Bucket List: Super Edition

In honor of the Superbowl, I decided to put a few football dreams out there:

1) Be a runningback*

2) Sit in  the box between Robert Kraft and BonJovi to watch the Pats roll over the Seahawks**

3) Play tag football with Julian Edelman…or Drew Brees…or Wes Welker…the list goes on

4) Cover the SuperBowl from the Pat’s sideline

5) Follow Vince Wilfork around for a day

6) Fly the Good Year blimp

7) Kick a 50 yard field goal

8) Look good in a cheerleader outfit

9) Pick out the best Superbowl commercial!

10) Be in the locker room for the after party

*Keep in mind that I am female, 5′ and terribly claustophobic–the minute I became the bottom of a pile of huge football players I would be a screaming mess
**I am too superstitous to use the w-i-n word
As always, check out Tempest Rose’s list (and others) @

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