Weekly Rundown 2/2/15

We made it to February! And Mother Nature is still dumping snow on us.

The good news is that I am getting A LOT of extra exercise by shoveling. By the time I shovel to the woodshed, around the barn, the path to oil behind the house, the front steps and back steps, it snows again. A foot a storm is getting a bit much. But it sure is pretty. And it will be even prettier this weekend when I am snowmobiling!

Last week didn’t go as planned (they almost never do), although I did get my original plan done: I wanted to do my run alternative 3 times during the week, progressively doing more each time. The run alternative is Leslie Sansone’s* in home walking. It’s a great low aerobic modular exercise program, she does it by mile as opposed to time, and you can do as many or as little as you want. Last year after I did it all winter I was able to go out and run in the spring. As opposed to going out and gasping like a landed fish as I struggled through a mile. And last winter I only did 2m most of the time.This week I did 3m the first time, 4m the second and 5m the third.

One thing I love about my exercise tracker is that it sends me emails each month about how I did with calories burned, hours exercised and miles run. While my miles were a paltry 18.2 (mostly due to the aforementioned snow), I did manage to exercise 12:24:03 hours. Not including all the shoveling! Apparently I burned over 5000 calories, but considering the Super Bowl the other night, not sure that helped. Although, yelling at the tv and jumping around must have burned some of the calories from the nachos, right?

*Check out my review of Leslie’s DVD


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