A nice winter’s day: part B

A photo-journal of today’s run:

            There’s Charby —   IMG_0800.2015-02-04_161139

                                                    wondering where the heck I am going

IMG_0797.2015-02-04_161121The canyon that is the end of my driveway now

                  Generally the forest floor  IMG_0793.2015-02-04_160724    

                                            is even with the road–but not today!

                                   IMG_0787.2015-02-04_155925   I think that might                                                           have been a tortoise hiding in the snow there 

IMG_0790.2015-02-04_160250  Did you notice I                                                                           couldn’t see over the banking???


         Windswept snow waves instead of windswept sand dunes


             End of the Road! 

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