Lying to Run

Everyone lies

From the harmless “gee, your hair looks great” to the more severe “I don’t know what happened to the copier, but let me call the repair guy”.  Hopefully, that is about the worst people I know do. I try not to do anything more serious than that myself. I mean, unless I am forgetting to tell the husband something.

           Except when I run. Turns out, I can be downright deceitful with myself.

I promise if I can get to a certain point, I can go back. Then I get there, and since I made it that far, I pick another point–if I can only make up the hill, then  I can be done. And then again. Somehow I can lie myself right through the whole run.

 –One would think I would stop falling for that–

I also lie about my pace. When I feel like I am going as fast as I can and I want to slow down, I promise myself when I really can’t go that fast anymore, I can reduce my pace. Some days I am amazed how far I can go before I have to go slower. Some days it only takes the next hill.

I did a poll among my friends to see who else uses the carrot trick. It seems to be fairly well known. I guess we all fall for it! I also found some other tricks that work well. A good one is to use a running buddy. One friend runs with her 12 year old, so she has to keep going–no one wants to admit to their child they can’t keep up .

                           “If she goes with me I can push myself”

This worked out great for both of them.  Her daughter  had a terrific cross country season 2014. And my friend did the Beach Raid last September. I plan on enticing her into an Urban Raid this year.

Another friend uses constant dialog in her head the whole time. She uses an audio Couch to 5K program, which prompts her when to run and when to walk. She says it helps to have someone in her ear telling her what to do. She doesn’t have to think about what she should be doing, she only has to do it.

I know a lot of people use music to keep the run moving. In my life, music is background noise. I always have it on.  I love music, especially anything with a beat. But I have a tendency to get lost in my thoughts and I miss parts of the songs. That happens when I run as well. (Frequently I am thinking about my next blog) So while I do love to run with music it is not a driving force for me to run faster or longer. I think it just sheer determination some days that keeps me going. Other days, it is just the sheer joy of being outside, surrounded by nature and feeling of my muscles smoothly working together.

       How do you get yourself going?                                                                                                                                   More, how do you keep yourself going while out there?

8 thoughts on “Lying to Run

  1. Oh boy does that sound familiar. I used to live just across the road from a public running track. The amount of times in a row I told myself that I’d just do one more lap and then I can go home…

    Running is great for thinking about writing. I really should start again.


  2. Oh I remember the days in teens, 20s to mid thirties when I could just get up and go, walking, running, weight training, I loved it all, but especially swimming laps. I could annoy my friends to death because I swam for hours every single night and they had to schedule around my swim time to see me. I did it for the sheer hedonistic pleasure of feeling my body respond, effortlessly. Feeling the way my arms would slice through the water, hearing the splashes as I turned, feeling the sides of the pools tearing up my toes as I pushed off, smelling the chemicals in the water. It was a very Zen experience to lose myself in the experience, the joy of just stroking over and over, never feeling tired until I finally came out of the trance swimming put me into with arm and legs so tired I could barely make it out of the pool and back indoors. Looking back on all the things I cannot do any more and dreaming about them, even sex does not rate as highly as my nightly swims. Of course, being a widow for 16 years now, I could just be forgetting the great sex a bit on purpose… 😉 but the swimming dreams recur so often that maybe it really was better than sex?


    • Exactly! A truly good run or yoga session can put one in a very Zen state. That’s what I wish for everyone, no matter what sport they pursue. Too bad you can’t do it any longer. My mom’s spine is fusing (among all the other fun stuff she has), and obviously it really slowed her down. She used to be more active than me–I am trying to live up to her example! We ride horses too and she gave that up about 4 yrs ago. Recently she spoke to her dr and since she will be in pain whether she rides or not, she has since taken up riding. Gently and for short periods of time. Take your boys and do some floating!

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      • I can imagine what she is going through. I inherited my dad’s De-generative Disk Disease, developed arthritis of the spine and now have the joy of bone spurs growing inside my vertebrae that the nerve strands tend to hang up on when I stand upright, or lie down flat. Sitting and walking 50-100′ is about all I am good for now. Still trying to find a doc in my area that can work on it without paralyzing me. Once I do, I am going to get back in shape and dare my teens to try and keep up! My nieces and nephews tell my boys stories about trying to keep up with “Aunt Tee” during their youth, my boys look at me now and cannot believe I used to be an ice skating, weight lifting, swimming maniac who never sat down unless I was voraciously devouring a great book. I want to introduce them to the mommy they missed out on having some day in the future. I also look forward to sleeping in a bed again some day!


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