The Rundown

Another week gone by. How do they move so fast? The last two weeks I did quite a bit. This week I took it easier. I went for two easy runs and then did yoga three times. My yoga was mostly stretching with only a few strength poses as I think I have rather overdone it with shoveling and wood carrying.

And Saturday I went snowmobiling. For anyone who doesn’t think that is exercising, I must disagree.



Snowmobiling means throwing your weight to help direct the skis. Back muscles are made to hold the machine on the course you choose. Core muscles are needed to support your back when you hit bump…after bump…after bump.  And don’t forget the adrenaline that floods you as you go straight up an embankment or slide around a sharp curve to find yourself looking straight down. And hours of peaceful forests and seat of the pants hills and meadows. Not a bad day at all.



10 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. That sounds like a good week. I too carry wood. We have a wood furnace with gas back up. It’s nice to have the wood in really cold weather. I don’t run (I have a titanium knee) but I’ve send a link for your blog to a friend who recently ran her first 5k. And to another friend who is a Doctor Who fan. 🙂


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