Blogging 101 Exercise

Today we are supposed to check out a given writing prompt and see how we can apply it to the subject matter of our blog. Personally, I think it is one that just about everyone can twist to fit any subject: Wars If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

So here is the first responsibility I need to give out: I really should be working on my online class right now, but here I am on my blog. Once my clone is done with that, housecleaning! And my clone can keep me supplied with coffee. What shall I be doing, you ask? I foresee running, yoga and blogging. How lovely.

Now I do have questions.

How many times can I clone myself? How will they feel about doing all the grunt work? Because I know how I would feel and if they are me……We may have to take turns. Will we share the same memories? If one clone does all the classwork, can I then take the tests, or will I have no idea of what they studied? Plus, if they have my same procrastination traits, will we all simply end up running, practicing our yoga and blogging? Will you be able to tell which posts I (the original) write as opposed to the ones they (the clones) write? Will they grow differently from me as we encounter personality altering stimuli? Perhaps they won’t want to study what I am studying. Perhaps, horror of all horrors, they won’t like coffee. How could this be?!

Will certain other traits come out more in them than I? What if they don’t even like exercise or writing? My laziness may be more pronounced in them. My grandmother used to say lazy was spelled M-A-N-T-H-A. I might end up doing everything and supplying them with coffee!

And I am deliberately not even thinking about my (their) relationship with my husband. Or the confusion the dogs will feel. Will we smell exactly the same? And really, who wants to look at oneself all the time? Physcially or metaphorically. Will I see how truly annoying I can be?

So, it is decided: I am NOT cloning myself and I need to go do some studying right now!

13 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Exercise

  1. LOL, Brilliant exploration of the possible pros and cons of cloning oneself! My biggest concern used to be: would my clone become the “fun mom” that my kids prefer, because being new she does not have the same physical problems I do from past damage done to my body from years on the job, and as such can go running around with them, being physical and have the insane energy I used to have before chronic back and knee issues ruined my mobility starting before they were even born.

    Before you pointed out the cons, I always thought that of course I would want to clone myself, what better way to get everything accomplished in a day and still have time to spend with my three sons before they all go off to college in the next few years. Now, I am not so sure. Even if I hadto be the “breadwinner mom” and some other version of me was cloned and became the “fun mom” I could deal with it, BUT, not having the memories and experiences with my amazing sons to fall back on that I was blessed with since their birth, could I ever trust her to love them unconditionally and as fiercely as they deserve? What amazing conversations and experiences might I miss out on by being the support mom instead of the one they like hanging out with?

    Yep, you nailed it, no clones here, either! I will take the exhaustion of trying to be everything for them for as many more years as I get to have them if it means we remain as close as we have been able to be so far.


  2. I’m with you on the clone question. I thought this through a while ago (because, you know, my brain does weird stuff like that…) and I decided that I couldn’t have my clones learning something new, making them smarter me even if they did the dishes.


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  4. Just checking out your stuff from Daily Post…your post makes me think of the movie Multiplicity with Michael Keaton where he figures out how to clone himself. But eventually he makes several of himself to do all the things in his life he can’t keep up with. One to spend time with his life, one to go to work, etc. Of course it backfires!


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