Weekly Rundown

Last week was a rather good week. I actually took thursday and friday off. I know I sometimes take 2 days off during the week, but I can’t remember ever taking consecutive days. But that is just the way the week fell.

I mixed it up a bit on monday, kickboxing with squat and lunge intervals. I have a punching bag on a stand that my husband got me for Christmas one year–he’s such a good husband. With my trusty book, I ran through a set of 10 or so exercises, punches and kicks. I tried Tae Bo (who didn’t?) and I realized that although it might be good for aerobic exercise, it didn’t help much with actual technique.  I like the idea of punching properly, so I got a book and learned.

It is wonderous workout: core is necessary to hold you during the kicks, back muscles and arms gain strength with the punches,  and it works on balance and coordination. And one feels so empowered after beating up a bag!

My door handle on my Subie snapped one extremely cold morning recently. After three attempts to hook up with my mechanic, we finally got it down there on Tuesday. He is close (1.85m to be exact) to my house, so I planned to run down and get it after he replaced the handle. But it was a lovely day, sunny and no wind. So I went out and raked a couple of feet of snow off our roof first.


       Now, I had a great time on the scaffolding. My husband was not as appreciative of my efforts, since he wasn’t home when I climbed up there.

We had put the scaffolding up because we redoing our roof with metal, but we were halted in this endeavor by Mother Nature. But the scaffolding is there for spring. And it is really handy with all the snow we have been having. What a fantastic view up there–it was my first time up. Apparently roof raking is really good for triceps, I was definitely feeling them the next day. My mechanic called while I was up on the scaffolding, so I finished up and climbed down.

Now, that was a brutal run. The snow is so dry and cold, there is no clumping at all. Most of the time as I ran this winter, I could run in a tire track or where they had thrown sand and get some traction to power up hills. But not Tuesday.

Have I mentioned that I am surrounded by hills? The first mile to the mechanic’s is 80% up hill. Running up hill in sand is what it felt like. I may be staying inside until we get warm enough for the snow to pack.

Wednesday, however, dawned bright and clear. So I took Daisy for a walk. That little dog was on a tear, she tugged me both ways of our mile walk. And she found deer prints going up a hill (they smelled just as fascinating going back down the hill). She was so adorable with her nose plugged to the ground and her fuzzy little end sticking up: it’s hard to walk that way, she had to waddle a bit. When we got back she and Bruce (my big boy) lay on the couch, an appreciative audience as I did yoga.


I hate it when I am done and one of them gets off the couch to show me how a Down Dog should really be done. Show-offs!

Thursday and Friday were the days I took off, so I made sure to exercise first thing Saturday morning. I then spent the rest of the day helping my husband collect wood for our stove since our supply had run out. We went up to an extraordinarily fabulous neighbor who not only sold us a half cord for a low price but helped us cut and split it out in his field, and brought it down to our place since the tractor was frozen solid. So I slipped and slid around the snow while filling the pickup, then unloaded said pickup and waited while my husband finally got the tractor warmed up. We had to snowblow a road across the lawn to the back of the house to get the wood into the basement.  Three trips with the trailer later, the wood was inside and I was pooped. I think that made up for two days off.

Sunday was a lazy day. We were supposed to have another blizzard. For the first time this winter, Mother Nature did not deliver. But all the work the day before led my husband and I to relax (read: waste the day). In order to get myself motivated to exercise, I had to borrow one of my tips: get moving anyway you can to get out of the chair! I did some Wii bowling, then challenged my husband to tennis. Two games later, I was ready to get busy with yoga.


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