The Rundown

                    This week I had little motivation. But I did manage to get out there and do my best for the week.  Some weeks are just like that.  

On Monday I pulled out my Yoga Zone Ab Yoga. It always seems silly, the moves are so easy. Until the next day when my abs hurt! It has two 20 minute routines, so I did the first one, deciding to save the other for later in the week.

Tuesday I went with my Leslie Sansone Walking. Here is one of the reason’s I like it: I did 3 miles, and when she did the walking forward and back in the second mile, I did running bursts. In the third mile we used weights for the upper body. I always get to decided what I want to do the walking. The three miles took 31 minutes, which is a pretty good pace. I was inspired to exercise early by two friends, Penny and Vanessa, who had already posted their workout on Facebook before I finished my first cup of coffee.

Wednesday I actually took it on the road and ran 3 miles. Not in 31 minutes, but I did ok for  snow-covered roads. After that, I roof-raked the barn and half the hay cover-it since we were expecting some nice heavy snow that night. Again, that is a truly great work out for the upper body. And I only got stuck in hip deep snow once

Thursday I took off, I went to town and helped with a presentation at The Children’s Discovery Museum for a friend. Friday I did the second half my ab yoga DVD, and Saturday I took off as well since I went to visit my mom. Got to meet the horse she rides, what a friendly beautiful girl! Sunday was lunges, squats, and abs. Gotta say, I must have done it right: hurting a bit today.

Hmmm, now that I look back on it, it really wasn’t such a bad week after all 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Rundown

      • Oh Sam,
        You are in the very situation I was in till about 4 months before- unemployed for a year and 5 months, with no prospects of a job- enrolled for every course possible- particularly those offered freely and those related to writing. Then I got a couple of freelance writing jobs( ghost writing), where I managed to make some money and kept myself self-employed from home. During this time, the way I kept myself sane was with my indoor cat and outdoor cats, my roof garden, my little children friends( neighbours kids) and with crochet. I truly understand and am with you- if I can help in any way do write.


      • Thank you Susie! I am on the edge of never wanting to work again and oh, dear, I need a job. I did want to say that my exercise quanity hasn’t really changed all that much as I usualy make that a priority. When working, I tend to do it early before work so I don’t have to do it when I get home. And good for you to find ghost writing jobs. That is so awesome that you were able to do that. I have thought about it, but not sure I am ready. These blogs are a great way to get me writing consistently.


  1. I find that happens a lot when I look back too, now that I’m blogging I can better chart my own progress. Even blah weeks seem amazing now! 🙂 Sounds to me like your week was far from blah.


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