A week of yoga. I was in heaven. I sorted out my DVDs and pulled out a few I haven’t done in awhile. Sadly, I did not even make it through my collection. I foresee another week coming 🙂

Monday I started the week with my Yoga for Weight Loss, put out by Gaim. I’ve had this one for almost a decade. I did it so much that I can do it without the DVD.

In fact, nights when I couldn’t sleep, I ran through the sequences, making sure I was breathing with the poses. I never made it past the first four poses, so much better than counting sheep.

Later in the day my husband and I snowmobiled over to a local store and had lunch, then came back home. It was a nice little ride, and the store is a wonderful neighborhood hangout. We did have to cross the same road four times to get there. Snowmobile trails just tend to wander like that.

Tuesday I pulled out a Yoga Zone DVD for stress relief. I have a tendency to just do the first 30 minutes of this one, I don’t know why I got in the habit of that. Probably time issues: had to get ready for work or make dinner. It is actually one of my more difficult ones, the first time I tried it I did not make it through the whole way. Running has helped, not quite as hard now.

Wednesday I went with a favorite, my Sara Ivanhoe DVD. It has two, and I usually do the same one, Fat Burning Yoga. So today I picked the other, Joy of Yoga. It is supposed to be easier than the second one, but I find it a bit harder. I think it is the stretching that is not so easy for me: those dratted 2x4s. That means it is good for me to do it. I find the poses I most dislike (I avoided Downward Dog for years) really are the ones I need to do the most. I try to remember that when I find the going hard and my feet just won’t stay where I want them.

Thursday was a fun day. I took Daisy out for a mile walk. Not as warm as I had hoped, the wind chill made the nose piece of my glasses so cold that my nose was frozen.  I had to take off the glasses not even a quarter mile in. Good thing I can see–mostly.

I remember walking to the bus stop down our road; if it was very cold my dad would drive me–unless it was so cold the car wouldn’t start. 

And my earrings (big dangly things in the ’80s) would freeze my ears just like my glasses did Thursday.  Daisy, well, the wind goes right over top of her, so she was having a grand time. Going down a slight hill she suddenly smelled something, her nose went down so fast when she stopped her hind legs went up. She is lucky she didn’t go a$$ over tea kettle.

                                                                 I do love that dog.

She runs right along too, so I get a good workout providing resistance to her with my arm and core–I switch arms at the halfway point. When we got back she found the couch, and I did 15 mins of “free” yoga. I have so many moves in my head that I just drift along. Like my chess, it’s not planned out, I am usually only 1 or 2 moves ahead.

On Friday, having forgotten that I had already did my Stress Relief (this is why I write things down, but that only works if you look), I pulled it out again. But this time I did the full DVD, which was 54 minutes. I felt even better than I had on Tuesday, so clearly I should be doing that last 24 minutes all the time. There is the point where Alan Finger says:

” Turn your head [lying prone on the floor] and feel how you just float. When you feel that, floating and just happy for no reason, that is yoga.”

How can one not love that?

Saturday I had rather limited time, so I did my Ab Yoga session. It is only 17 minutes, so I added 15 more minutes of basic stretching poses to round it out. And a few minutes meditation. Is it padding my time if I add meditation to my exercise total? Or is meditation part of Yoga and so should be considered part of my time?

Sunday I took off. We were going snowmobiliing again, but we all know what happens with the best laid plans. It was warm (yea!) and I got to clean out the car. Thank goodness, poor car was so sad.

A week of practicing Yoga. How do I feel? Well, not as elastic as one would think, Yoga is a hard workout when you hold the poses properly. But my mental state?  Relaxed and peaceful. And I am ready to get out there and run.

Could someone just tell Mother Nature that?


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