Weekly Rundown

My week started off well, but I think I may have overdone a bit. Or a lot. My first mile this week was the fastest I have run in more than a month: for a first mile. I am definitely a long-distance runner, my first mile always sucks, and then I kick in gear. My last 3 miles of the week were the worst! And slowest.

Monday: Now that I am getting some better weather,  I am planning my week out. Somehow I started on Tuesday in the planner this week. That worked out well,  we are supposed to get a heavy rainy snow mix later in the week so I took the opportunity to clean off the hay barn and garage with the roof rake. Arms and core were wiped! And Charby is coming off vacation: pulled her blankets off and made her do some running around the barnyard. Then I took her out onto the road and did some ground work with her.

Charby feeling frisky

Charby feeling frisky

Tuesday: Feeling fresh after my yoga week, I started off with a fast mile. Usually the first mile is a warm up, but today I stepped out and felt good the whole way. Know how sometimes it’s more fun to think about the run and how many miles you will go rather than going for the actual run? Tuesday’s run felt that good. Then I came in and did my Ab workout. Takes about 17 minutes and gets me sweaty. Atomic Burpees, by the way, truly suck!

Wednesday: I heard the oddest thing on my run on Wednesday. It was a continuous, rather watery sound. Took me a half mile to realize I was listening to the drips of snow melting off trees! Did  a lovely 2m run, then came back and tested the Power Yoga I posted about last Thursday. Later in the day I went out and made Charby do some more running and ground work.

Thursday: I took it easy, simply doing a 3m run.  I started out the hard way, as when I went to the end of the driveway I couldn’t see Charby in her barnyard. So I had to go up the hill to see if she was in the barn–or if I was going to have to go looking for her. She is almost always outside, so it was odd that she was in the barn. But she was, so I continued up the road. I have what I term “gastric issues”, and on Thursday it felt like a knife in my intestines–but a dull one, so I kept going. Not quickly, but I did manage the whole 3m and felt happy with myself when I was done.

Friday: I went to visit my Mom and ride with her. I feel the need to point out the my Mom has a condition that is slowly freezing her vertebrae, obviously making movement difficult. She gave up riding several years ago, but missed it greatly. Her doctor agreed she will be in pain whether or not she rides, so she decided to ride again. (This may answer any questions you had about why I kept running with a knife in my intestines). Her horse is hilarious, a beautiful warmblood that loves peppermints. Give her a mint before brushing and she will suck on it, sticking her tongue out, and wheezing while you clean and saddle her. I may have to try that with Charby.

Enjoying her mint!

Enjoying her mint!

Saturday: I had a lazy morning before going out for a family affair. I was home by 1ish, so I decided to make Charby do some running around her barnyard. Then I cleaned said barnyard and her stall. (Wish I had her digestive system!) Then I had to start digging snow off our deck. The deck attaches to the house right above where the washer dryer are in the basement and since the melting started we have been getting puddles around the washer. I figured I better move the snow before it melts and I have a lake around the washer. That had me panting a bit!

Sunday: I planned a 4m run for the end of the week. For some INSANE reason, I went up the hill. That particular way about is 80% uphill for the first mile (and we know how I feel about the first mile). The second mile and more is pretty much downhill. Which means when you turn around….. It was awful. Let’s just say it was four minutes slower than Thursday’s run and leave it at that. I ended up doing 3m instead of the 4m. I am proud that I went over the hill for that second mile, but wasn’t sure how fae I would be able to run uphill so only went out a half mile before turning to climb the hill.  It’s a long slow grade until you hit the huge hill at the end. Fortunately, it is all downhill from there on the way home!

I never really took a day off last week, plus I ran further and did more exercises after my runs, making each day more difficult. That is probably why my last run was so bad. I want to do it all now, my body is just not cooperating. It better  get with the program, cuz this coming week is Speed Week!


One thought on “Weekly Rundown

  1. I totally know what you mean about “wanting to do it all now”.

    My running would be so much better if I would slow down and not try running a six minute mile all the time…

    Running on the treadmill at the gym is actually helping me understand what different paces feel like. 15 minute miles verses 10 minute miles and such. It’s really cool, and it’s helping me combat that whole “right now” thing. : )


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