Weekly Rundown

My week started off great, but again it went down hill. What’s up with that?! All week I felt a bug chasing me and on Sunday it caught me and knocked me on my butt.

Monday: Long before I had any electronic equipment, I had the telephone poles on my road. My Dad and brother figured out how far apart they are when my brother was running track. Some are closer, some a bit further depending on what the ground was like when they put them in. But the poles are roughly 75 yds. So when I wanted to do sprints on Monday, I just did every other pole. It’s amazing how fast they zip by in cars, but when you are pushing yourself to reach one, they just seem so very far apart. When I stumbled back into my house, I did 20 or so minutes of lovely stretching yoga.

Tuesday: off. Needed some rest 🙂

Wednesday: Ran a very decent 3m–especially after last week’s 3m runs. Felt much better and relaxed.

Thursday: Mother Nature was tired of giving us good weather on Thursday, and hit us with some extremely gusty wind. I think I could have flown Daisy as a kite! I was worried every time I put her out on her lead.  I was feeling pretty lethargic, so I never got around exercising, although I gave it thought throughout the day.

Friday: Friday was a good day. I ran on the Railtrail from Augusta and ended up with my best time so far this year for 3m. I am happy with that, as if I can do that well this early in the season, than I have hope for further runs. After cleaning up a bit, I went out with my friend Kate. We had a lovely walk at our local Arboretum.

Saturday: The bug was catching up with me, so I did a short easy run of 2m. It felt good to stretch out my muscles after Friday’s workout.

Sunday: And the bug caught me. For the first time in months, I took 3 days off in the week. And spent most of the morning on the couch. I don’t tend to get sick very often, so I am kinda wussy about it. And cranky. Fortunately, it doesn’t usually last long. So I have hopes that next week’s Rundown will start off slow and end with some great sessions.

Some good news last week: I found this test while browsing Self magazine. It asks some questions (I did the extended version), then calculates what your physical age is versus what your chronological actually is. The site is World Fitness Level, go ahead and check it out! My actual age is 44, but my physical age is 37. Gotta love cutting 7 years off in one fell swoop.

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