Snow Report from The Forks…

….aka The Weekly Rundown

Due to the bug that hit me early last week and sapped my energy, my week was not all it could be. Monday I did 15 minutes of stretching and my legs shook like they had never held a yoga pose before. Wussy legs.  I did make it through a 40 minute yoga practice Wednesday with no issues, and on Thursday I went for a relaxing 2 mile run that actually turned into a best time. I think it was my best time ever for that particular route. But that is about it for the week. Except for Saturday.  The boys were nice enough to drag my sled along and let me play with them in the mountains.

the view from the (almost) top


the rest of the hill behind us


IMG_0965.2015-03-21_144731         IMG_0973.2015-03-21_155745

the trails are more like roads….                          …..complete with signs


break time for the boys

IMG_0964.2015-03-21_144727          IMG_0988.2015-03-21_184707

my sled had the 1st issue…..                       …..but not the last

IMG_0981.2015-03-21_164446      IMG_0986.2015-03-21_172414   IMG_0978.2015-03-21_164435

the day started sunny and beautiful

IMG_0966.2015-03-21_152331  gray moved in the afternoon, but the beauty remained

IMG_0993.2015-03-21_193049   and views were unbelievable

IMG_1003.2015-03-21_204642      IMG_1002.2015-03-21_204641

one of the guys playing, he was incredible on that sled

It was a long day, we left the house at 7am and returned at 11pm. But the day was terrific–warm with snow-covered trails, great views and good friends. The boys rode off trail a lot, which meant each sled was dug out of the deep snow at least once: including mine!






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