Weekly Rundown

Monday: well, the week did not start off with a bang. The plan was to go down and see Mom and play with her horse. The plan went awry when my car decided to stop running on the highway. Amazingly even then, the day wasn’t so bad. Mom had AAA with enough miles to get my car back to my local repair guy–who happens to be less than 2 miles from my house 🙂 Mom came and rescued us (I of course had a Daisy) at our mile marker 31 and we spent the day with her, but we missed our opportunity to go ride Calista. My wonderful hubby came down in the late afternoon and retrieved Daisy and I, a nice 3 hour round trip for him after a day of work. Pizza was had for dinner and bed was early!

Tuesday: my bug from last week seemed to be hanging on to me and I felt faintly nauseous most of the day. However, I girded my loins and did a full Yoga workout. It actually made me feel better. No more nausea for the rest of the week.  See, another reason to exercise!!

Wednesday: I went out and ran my personal 5k route. It was a marvelous run, at the end of the second mile I felt like I could run forever. Of course, I was pointed downhill at that particular moment 😉 It was actually a rather good time for me, especially at this time of the year. Days like that are what keep me going through the less awesome runs.

Thursday: I went for a simple 2 mile run, just stretching out after the great run Wednesday.  It was a slower pace, but felt good. Except I forgot my earband and had an earache from the wind by the time I got back to the house.

Friday: I went to town early and got home around 2:00. Usually after a trip to town I feel tired and make excuses not to exercise, but I had been shopping for new running pants and I felt inspired! Pulling out my new leggings, I headed out for some hill work. I didn’t want to do hill work, but that is no reason not to do it. I ran the 80% first mile uphill route, and after running down the half mile hill, turned around and ran up it again, making my run just over 3 miles. It wasn’t that bad, although I got  a cramp going up the hill the second time that lasted most of the way home. Bleh. I don’t tend to stop for cramps, they take far too long to walk out and I want to be running. I find that straightening up and deep breathing actually take care of most of them, which just goes to show how important form is.

Saturday: I had been feeling a bit of stretch in my left ankle ligaments–hard to nail down which one, since there are four or so of  them in there–so I took Daisy for a  2 mile walk. She was raring to go, pulled me both ways.  The first mile took 17 minutes, the second 16! After our brisk walk, we came home and while she rested on the couch, I did 10 atomic burpees and then a bit of free yoga to stretch it all out.

Sunday: I had friends coming over–girls spa day at home! It was fabulous, but after cleaning the house and making food, I had little time to exercise. I did some new exercises out of a magazine, and I have to say, the Spider-Man Push-Up kicked my butt. If you have never heard of them (I hadn’t until this article), the Spider-Man is plank position, then doing a push up while lifting one leg out to the side like you are climbing a rock face. Then do it with the other leg, and keep repeating for 1 minute. Doesn’t sound that hard does it? Have fun trying it 🙂

PS  For those that are curious: fortunately the car only stopped running because one of the bolts holding the alternator had broken, breaking the power to the battery. Once my mechanic fixed that, the car perked right up!






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