Weekly Rundown

Another week down! Mother Nature was capricious as usual, but I got to go out every day and that is a wonderful thing. And I made it over my mileage goal. I would like to do at least 10 miles running each week, with hopes to be doing 15 by May. Then who knows?? This week I logged 11.49 miles running, not to mention the 4 walked. Yay me.

I also tried my tip from last week, talking encouragingly to myself, going up hills particularly. It felt weird, but I figure it can only help, plus if we are nice to ourselves while exercising, we may be nicer to ourselves in other aspects of our lives. This could spread 🙂

Monday: I keep an eye on my uncle’s house–locally, he lives in Fl- for him, and since I was going over to check it, I thought I would try a run from his place for something new. The wind was awful on the way out, but not so bad on the way back. (I wouldn’t have put it past Mother Nature to swirl it around so I had to face both ways.) I was hoping for 4 miles, but it turned out to be 3.88, so close! The route had some nice slow grades, which was rather nice after the steep hills I have. Wasn’t a terribly good time, but that’s because I was worried about the distance and terrain and held myself in reserve.

Tuesday: Since walking last week did stretch out my ankle tendons that are bothering me (still),  I decided to alternate running with walking again.  And, of course, Daisy was on board! We did 2 miles, and picked the uphill route to work a little harder. It was again pretty windy, but it was sunny and that makes all the difference. After our walk, Daisy found a sunny spot on the couch while I did a half hour of yoga.

Wednesday: I went down to see my mom again and this time I made it! We went over to the barn and this time I made Calista do some work while I was on her. I only rode for 10-15 minutes, then handed her over to my mom for her turn. I did get a little extra workout when two of the ponies, Bucky and Minnie, got out and we had to chase them down. They were  having a great time dashing around!

Thursday: Walking day again. Like a sucker, I looked at Bruce’s face and decided to take him too. We did 2 miles, going the easy way since Bruce hasn’t been out since last year. He’s not as tough as Daisy 😉  It was actually going well; sometimes they pull or try to tangle the leads, but not today. Then we met our neighbor with her dog and Bruce pounced on her dog–and not in a friendly way. Fortunately, he didn’t hurt her. I have no idea why he decided to do that.  Bruce is never aggressive, and we have had several strange dogs here at the house, which he could definitely consider his territory; and I have taken him on the local Rail Trail without any shenigans. I am not sure why he thought the road was his, but I believe he did. Which puts him firmly in the dog house and left on the couch next time Daisy and I go out.

Friday: What a lovely day. I believe we hit 59 degrees! And sunny. It felt so odd to run without all my layers. But I loved it. Ran 2 miles: also with lousy times. Some weeks it just seems  to run that way. But I really don’t care, it’s more about getting out there and distance rather than worrying about a few slow times. In the afternoon, I took Charby out and worked her on the lunge line until she got a bit sweaty, then walked her out on the road.  She so loves getting out of her paddock.

Saturday: Back to not so seasonal temperatures 😦 But I bundled up and ran my 5k route. It was a great run, felt marvelous after I hit the first mile. Someday the first mile will fill good. I keep telling myself that! I dragged out an old bridle of Charby’s, which I think will fit a pony, and cleaned it. Looked brand new! Then I started on Charby’s

Sunday: I did just a 2 mile run  as my husband had an “at home” day planned for us. After breakfast and some baking for dinner, I went out to check the fence so Charby could get out of the barnyard. I had to pull a lot of fence up out of the snow! Unfortunately, something rather large (most likely a moose) ran through a section of fence and took a hundred feet or more of fence and poles down. The poles and line were just gone: even more unfortunately it had run into the pasture, so I had to dig it all up before letting Charby out so she didn’t get tangled in it. It was still all in one piece so I was able put it back up. The line under the ice was a bit hard to get up, so I was out there for a couple of hours. I think earned my ham dinner. With upside down pineapple cake for dessert.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Sounds great, particularly the snow part, and the upside down pineapple cake…my wife makes that. I like it a few days old soaked in cream and milk. ☺️


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