Weekly Rundown

Monday: Being a mean mommy, I took Charby away from her hay and made her work for 30m. The funny thing is, when we went past our driveway at the end of the exercises, she just kept going. Pulled me all the way to the top of the hill–although, by midway, she was definitely slowing down and puffing. I keep telling you guys it’s a big hill!!

Miss Charby, she always needs to know what is going on!

Miss Charby, she always needs to know what is going on!

Afterwards she went back to her hay and I spent a couple hours fencing in a paddock for Christopher Robin. While I do think he and Charby will be just fine, at the begin she might be so happy to see anything on four legs that she could kill him with love! So, separate bedrooms to start. And, between the walking, hammering and carrying supplies, I am definitely calling it exercise!

Tuesday: And the proof that it was exercise–my calves, front and back, were on fire for the entirety of my 2 mile run. Not sure why, but ow! After the run I pulled out my Rider’s Fitness Program and started my weight training for riding. Each exercise is picked out with riding in mind and explains how it will help. I particularly like the trunk extension; the benign explanation says it will help “manage more effectively the forces pulling you forward on the horse.” The picture is of a bucking horse!

Wednesday: Went riding on Christopher Robin 🙂 He hasn’t been ridden in a long time, so I did a lot of walking, both on him and hand-walking. Just needed to get a feel on how, or if, we are going to fit. He is a doll. Christopher Robin was willing to do some ground exercises that Charby was more resistant on when I started her. She is a bit more stubborn about most things. Mares! It did feel a bit odd being on such a small horse. But he has a very comfortable trot, and I am looking forward to have two horses to work with.

IMG_cr2Mugging for the camera!                                                                                                                                Mugging for the camera!

Thursday: off. Let me show you why:

IMG snowday                                                              So disgusting! 6″: in case you’re wondering

Friday: off. Just never got around to anything on Friday. Computer was misbehaving, I was tired, and the day just slipped by.

Saturday: I wanted to get out, but I truly wanted to avoid hills. So I ran some drills I found on a new (to me) blog, Running Hutch. I actually only did eight of these ten, I didn’t want to grapevine down my road. I did run backwards and that  was the one time a car went by. I wonder what they were thinking! And I didn’t end with the burpees, I came home and did some hip opening postures as my hips are always uncomfortable.

                           Check out the blog to see discriptions of all these. One thing I learned:need stretch out my thighs more often, as I could not connect my heel to my butt.  Also, running backwards not really that difficult 🙂 And the hip openers (as it unlikely I am the only runner with tight hips):

From a website called PopSugar. Please do not imagine I did these all perfectly.                                                                                                            They did feel good however

Sunday: I ran a 1 mile warmup to relax from the drills yesterday, then did a new yoga routine I found on Hulu Plus. Did I mention I got an Amazon Fire TV stick and absolutely adore it? And I find Hulu+ well worth paying for–they have classic Dr Who! Not to mention yoga, WKRP in Cincinati (guilty pleasure) and current tv. And I can see YouTube on my tv now, which is great because my recorded classes are on You Tube. Plus endless dressage videos. Oh, heaven!


11 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. I totally do not envy you for the snow. XD

    I do that exact yoga routine for my hips. It’s actually pinned to my yoga board on Pinterest. If I’m feeling frisky I toss Lizard and Mermaid poses. Mermaid feels amazing for my quads. ❤


      • It will…and then the heat will come and you will start compl……hmmm heard that somewhere! Me, I’m a winter person, never complain about long winters and short summers…always complain about short winters and long summers! I think it’s part of my depression…bleak/black is good!


      • Nonsense, winter can be bright and beautiful! We all have our fav seasons. Mine is actually Fall, which most people think of as the end, but I feel renewal each fall. Go figure! I will try not to complain this summer

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