Weekly Rundown

I am so tired from my week! I can barely type….

Monday: 3 miles. The good news–I went out in just 1 layer with a fleece, and I was hot!! The bad news–my calves were on fire still from the drills last week, and my gastric distress had been acting up. That meant I had two days of unrelieved waste bouncing around in me. Cramps mysteriously appeared and disappeared in various places around my ribs and abdomen during my run. What fun! But, I had planned 3 miles and, by George, I finished 3 miles. Then managed my riding weight series. Whew!

Tuesday: first day of hill drills (I put the session down below if anyone wants to try them out). Not quite as horrible as I imagined–I do have a vivid imagination. After the drills I did the hip openers to stretch out.

Wednesday: I had planned a day off from running the day after the drills, but I needed my mechanic to check out my car. So after going to grab some supplies for the animals, I left the car with him and ran the 1.85 mile home. It was a great run, especially since the first .85 was uphill. I will say that when I got home and started my yoga (which had been the plan for the day) my legs were just a bit shaky.

Thursday: 3 miles once more. It was a good run if a bit slow.  I hit one of the very steep hills and just winged up it. I must be doing something right! Once home, I did #3 of my riding weight program.

Friday: I spent an hour walking the fence out back to ensure nothing was touching the electric line so I could turn it on without shorting it out. Mud and briars made it quite exciting. After I locked Charby out back so she could eat some of the (very short) grass. She was not very impressed. After I did some yoga, I went back out to feed her and she had run herself into a sweat looking for a way back into the barnyard. I had to walk the silly beast out, then put a blanket on her.

Saturday: flat drills again. I felt quite chuffed that I didn’t have to walk in between any of the exercises this time;  as I did have to walk between the last couple last week. Enjoying my success I came home and did the hip openers before eating breakfast. I have been eating just granola for breakfast; but with my new, harder running and exercises I figured I better add some more protein. I pulled out an old recipe of Denise Austin’s: 1/4c ricotta, 1 tbsp maple syrup, throw some granola on top. SO yummy. And I put some protein powder in the ricotta. In late morning I went back out to the fence. So much work, and yet so nice to be out in the sunshine. After lunch, I helped my husband with some clearing where we want to put our garden this year. Trees and brush begone! I had locked Charby out in the back field again, but all she did was stand next to the gate waiting for me. Not quite sure what has her so unhappy about the back field this year. I took her out and let her graze for a half hour or so, then walked her back in. I was hoping to show her that a) there was no bogeymann out there waiting for her, and b) there was grass waiting to be eaten.

Sunday: my battle with Charby continues. I rode her first thing in the morning; it was our first outing of the year with me on top of the saddle. She did a great job, alert but no jumping sideways at shadows. Afterwards I took her hay out into the lane leading to the back field. Silly beast watched me put it there, but after I went in the house she called and called for her breakfast. Finally I went back out and grabbed a treat. After pressing it to her nose, I walked out to the hay pile. She walked right beside me; when we got to the pile, I gave her the treat,  and then she started eating the hay. I didn’t lock her out this time, so she came back in and stood next to the barn for the day. What a weirdo.

My hill drills: I got the from April Fitness magazine, under the Bionic Legs article. I morphed it with some drills I used to do in track.

Fitness plan: warm up slowly 5 minutes, do 30 seconds each of butt kicks, high knees, skips and a half-grapevine move. After run uphill 30-100 seconds, start at easy pace and work up to race pace, then hold plank at top for 30 seconds. Do 7 to 11 circuits, then jog 5 minutes cool down.

My plan: warm up easy jog 5 minutes, do the kicks, knees, skips, grapevines. I don’t want to be watching a clock during my run, so I use my telephone poles, it takes roughly 30 seconds to run from one to the next and each is roughly 75 yards apart. So each exercise from one to the next pole, then two poles up the hill. Instead of race pace, I start out easy, by the end of the first 75 I am doing about 70% and for the last 75 yds I sprint as fast as I can. A plank and I go again, although I don’t do the exercises again before darting up the hill. I do 8 right now, followed by a 8 minute cool down.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Dear Sam,
    I am so impressed and I want to do all these. I don’t know what is wrong with me- I want to do things but give up even before I begin. My personal life bogs me down, so I don’t feel like exercising. I am just back from a visit to my home country and ever since my spouse has been bugging me about what is wrong with my home country and particularly my people. After so many years of marriage, you would think I would have learnt to take this with a smile but no- yours truly had to try and drill some ” sense” into hubby, who retaliated in true hubby style and now here I am – sad and depressed and wondering why these things happen to me.
    So I really needed some motivation to get me moving. Well, here goes. I did some gardening this morning and enjoyed my time with the plants.
    And now I am going on my machine. Wish me luck and please pray for me.
    How is the work search, Sam ?
    Sorry to bother you with my troubles.


    • Susie, so glad to hear from you! Where is your home country, if I may ask? And hubby’s are like that–I did some screaming last week when really I should have walked away myself. Generally I pick my battles, but sometimes my mouth gets the better of me 😉 What do you mean “going on my machine”? Movtivation is so hard, different things work for different people. I think that you keep wanting and thinking about it means you really do want it, and are working up to it. Have you tried making an appointment in your calendar for yourself? Start small, just 15 min a couple times a week. Pick a time of day you are likely to be able to keep the appt, and write it down. Walking, yoga, gardening whatever makes you happy and gets you moving. I find the satisfaction of completing my appt and the endorphins from the exercise make me want to do it again…and again. If you try to do too much, say 30 min or more and you really don’t have the time, you will just feel sad and discouraged.

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  2. Wow poor Charby copped it this week..,poor dumb creature! 😃
    At least you could keep up your program. Today is the first day out this week for me. We had our first taste of impending winter with wild weather. The lovely river at the back of our house, usually 4 metres down from lawn level, came within a meter of joining us indoors. We started moving important things upstairs to our sons part of the house. Then today, it’s like it never happened, beautiful sunny day. So I am straight out early for my walk.
    All the best for the week to come!


    • Gotta love mother nature! We are also on flood watch locally, but if we see water at our house, well, let’s just say I hope you built an ark! So been rainy this week, I have been sneaking out in between the showers. I don’t go out in the rain, it must be cat DNA 😉 Hope you enjoyed your walk!

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