Weekly Rundown

Time does fly! I feel like every time I turn around I am doing another weekly rundown. Last week went rather well until Saturday. I had planned out what I wanted to accomplish, which was mostly hill work. Saturday morning I got up out of the chair to get ready for my run. After dressing and brushing the teeth, I went to make the bed before leaving.  When I pulled the sheets up, I pulled my back.

I used to hear people say “my back is out” without having any idea what that meant. Old people did that, right? Well, now I do it.  The first time was about 10 years ago, and I am happy to be able to say that it was a riding related event (and I was in my 30s, so not old, right?). But it has happened two or three times since then. I can’t really nail down what I did to make it happen this time–except pulling on that sheet–but it made for an uncomfortable and rather unproductive weekend.

Monday: plan was for hill drills again. It was one of those days that made me say “no, no, don’t make me do it!”  I decided to do it early before I could talk myself out of it. So I fed Charby and went out to the hill. I did 8 circuits, with Charby eating her hay and watching me as I went up and down and up again. I am sure she was wondering what I was doing–and probably glad she was not involved. After my cool down jog, I did my hip openers. What a wonderful start to the day.

Tuesday: a blah day–rain and wind and general yuckiness. The dogs and I decided to take the day off.

Wednesday: Rider fitness weight training and yoga aimed at my abs. It was  fabulous workout and I felt terrific afterwards. I love that feeling after a workout. Endorphins: can’t beat them! Later in the day I went cemetary hunting with my friend Kate. I didn’t use my tracker, so I am unsure how far we walked. But we were out there for 2 hours, so I think we did a fair amount.

Thursday: more hill work. I ran down to the bottom of my ‘mountain’ and back again. Total run was 2.46 miles,  not terribly long. However, I am happy to say the drills I have been doing seem to be working, as my run was faster than any run I did on that route last year.  The run up the hill alone was 6:48 minutes, which is really not bad when one considers the slope I was running up…and up….and up….

Friday: I went down to play with my mom and my pony, Christopher Robin. I got a new bareback pad, which is actually for Charby. I love to ride bareback, but she really needs a martingale; which means I need a girth to attach it to (martingales help prevent horses from tossing up their head and ignoring the control of the reins). But I thought I would try the pad on him as well. Oh my, it was sooooo comfortable, I could ride for hours on it. I rode him much longer this time, around 40 minutes. He was a doll, and I had so much fun with him. I can’t wait until he comes home–which should be this Saturday!

Saturday: well, as I said above, I didn’t run. I did have to run errands for the husband, so I spent most of the morning out and about. I think it was good to keep moving, since I was moving better, albeit cautiously, by the time I got home.  Sometimes if you just sit with muscle issues, you stiffen up. I always think it is better to push the edge of what you can do. (that is NOT medical advice 😉 Just my stubbornness)

Sunday: frustration set in! I love to sit around and watch TV–when it’s my choice and I have nothing to do. I had plans on Sunday, which involved Charby, and running, and helping the husband with more land clearing.  That didn’t happen. But (and I blame my mother’s genetics for this) I had other things to do and by gosh, I was doing them. I fixed the electric fencer, and then cleaned up around the barn a bit, as I am having company this week. My hubby helped me reset some of the fixtures in my tack room, so I have to go out and finish moving things around. I am rather compulsive when it comes to organization (I blame Mom for that too!)I am always looking for a way to make areas neater and easier to use.  I did go out and hang with the hubby while he was clearing, but picking up 3 pieces of brush convinced me to just keep him company.

So not a bad week, but hopefully I will get to run–and ride–next week.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. I get tired just reading some of your posts! Mind I just got my Fitbit weekly roundup and seems I managed 58 kilometers this week, averaging 11k steps per day. Not too bad for an “old” person who’s back goes out, always inconveniently.
    You always seem to have way too much contact with electric fences! I remember them from my childhood on our farm in NZ. Great for waking you up on early starts when you unexpectedly walk into it. 😵😵


    • I am not one to talk, as mine goes out too! So frustrating. That is a lot of steps, prob far more than me….altho, not while I am working on the fence. I do turn it off before working on it 😉 First I had to clear winter damage, now I have a pony coming so I had to do an extra line so he can’t sneak out. Apparently, he likes to jump. I don’t think I can get it high enough to prevent that. Just high enough to make him think about it. I have been zapped– the ear was the worst. Sheep farm?

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      • Ear? Question: what was your ear doing that close to an electric fence?
        We had a small holding on the corner of a dairy farm. We kept pigs, ducks and bees. It was great to be the “odd” farm out because we could trade with all the dairy farms around us that always had cattle and sheep. A pig, a couple of ducks and some honey could get us a lot of beef and lamb.


      • sounds much better than sheep. I was never impressed with sheep. Whereas our first pig was a great pet…until he hit the dinner table. We had a shed for the horses that was separated by elec fence, the fence ran down the inside wall. I was watering and tilted my head just a bit too much!

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      • Pigs make great pets. We had a sick piglet given to us and he became a great pet. We called him Jimmy and he would sleep on the back door mat. When friends would come they would pick him up and carry him around, he was spoilt rotten and never got put with our “market” pigs. However, he grew up, and out, and up, and out….eventually we had this enormous pig still sleeping on the door mat. So he had to go, when we collected him from the abattoir he was in the cool room with the beef, not the pigs (480lbs). Got him home to cut up but found he was all fat, he had so little meat on him it was not worth the effort. So we buried him instead…probably a better end for a dear friend than chewing on his bones!


      • yes, I think it might have been! They are very nice, aren’t they? Goats are as well. We had a lovely male named MacBeth (the sheep’s name was Ramses) that my cousin loved. The only prob was how my cousin smelled when he came back from playing with MacBeth–male unfixed goats have a scent to them! Is it very early or very late over there?

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      • It’s actually mid day. I have just finished cooking my recipe fried rice for lunch. But sitting down to a coffee and shortbread just now. Not bragging but my shortbread as well. Autumn has well and truly set in now but still mild enough to sit outside with warmer clothes on. How about there?


      • Wow there’s an age give away!! April Showers!
        Yes the lunch went well. Trouble is everyone always wants my recipes but I just make them up as I go with whatever I have…
        I’m already enjoying the early sunsets and late sunrises and that cool dampness in the mornings. Aahhhh


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