Weekly Rundown

Bouncing back after my back going out made the beginning of the week slow, but it was overall a good week.

Monday: went for a run. Yay! It was rather slow due to my back–who knew that going down hill would be the hardest part? However, there were yards at a time when my legs moved together smoothly. When I got back, I did my series of hip openers. They truly do work well to stretch out not only the hips, but the surrounding muscle that contract when the hip and lumber muscles pull them out of wack.

Tuesday: I would like to say I took the day off, but as I spent an hour and half fencing, I don’t really think I did.

Wednesday: Started off with a mile run–which felt pretty good–and my hip openers. Then I brushed and clipped Charby. Found a great new arm exercise: brushing out her tail for the first time after a winter. Oh my, the knots and dreadlocks I found.

She does look much better, although she still has hair to shed out

After playing with Charby, I went out and played in the leaves. Spring is finally here and I have been cleaning out my gardens. Since I used to farm with my father and we grew perennials, I have 6 garden beds of varying sizes to clean out. Lovely when they are done, tedious to clean out!

Thursday: I went for a 2 mile run, and going downhill was no longer an issue 🙂  Later in the afternoon I decided to ride Charby. I thought we should ride out in the field. Charby didn’t agree, maybe because she had been out there all morning? I was using my new bareback pad, and I couldn’t convince her to go out while I was on her, so I got off and lead her out. Then wandered the entire field looking for something I could use to get back on her without stirrups (who thought no stirrups was a good idea??). I finally found  a stump. Unfortunately, it was next to the lane going back into the barn. After I got on, she didn’t want to go out in the field, she wanted to go in. We discussed this for a bit.

See the muddy track leading to the road?

We backed all the way out here as she didn’t want to go forward. All I really wanted to be was on her, so I didn’t much care. It was a bit funny, she thought she was being so ornery. I wonder if she will ever figure out that just because she is going backwards doesn’t mean that she isn’t going in the direction I want her to go.

Friday: walked Daisy for 2 miles, and it was slower than our normal pace, but she had a blast. Then 2 hours fencing. Never ending, that! And more garden cleaning.

Saturday:  Gayle texted me–Christopher Robin was in the trailer and on his way! I took Charby out for a ride, then cleaned her all up to meet her new friend. Since they were on the way, I thought I would run out and meet them since I wasn’t sure I was going to able to leave the horses. Usually I run before riding. Riding first sucks! I had to go out the 1st mile 80% uphill route to meet them, and if I hadn’t called them to tell them that I was going to meet them I would turned around on the first hill. Brutal. Fortunately, after the first mile it was pretty much downhill, and it was wonderful knowing that I didn’t have to run back! Charby was excited to meet CR, and he seemed happy enough with her. There really wasn’t any excitement, which is always a good thing. Just some nose touching, a couple of squeals and they decided the hay was more interesting. Lunch together is always a wonderful way to make new friends.

Sunday: Big land clearing day.  We had a crew coming to help us take down some big trees behind the house, and we needed to do a bit more clearing before they got there. So I got up early so I could take CR out for a ride, showing him all his new surroundings. He seemed excited, checking everything out. And he is a hardy little pony, he went up the hill at a power walk that never stopped. When Charby climbs that hill at a power walk, usually about 3/4 of the way up she is huffing and thinking about slowing down. Afterwards I decided to put them together and see how that went. Again, no fireworks and they were out back eating grass side by side 20 minutes later. Success!



8 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. I didn’t know you live on a farm! That’s so fantastic, you are living my dream. Oh the failures of being born poor in a big city… I fear I’ll never be able to own land. Maybe I can come and visit, or work there for a season. That would be a true gift. 🙂 Really great updates! Can’t wait to see the next week.


    • Thanks! Right now it is just horses (the plural still being new to me) and the veg garden, altho my husband & I want to grow Christmas trees. I agree, it is hard not to have access to green land. I count myself lucky that my parents moved here–they started in New Jersey. They had the farm bug: we had every animal at some point and veg gardens to sell

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  2. Other than the back problem, sounds like a good week. Love the pictures.
    I think your parents were on to something leaving New Jersey for Maine. I have to say that sometimes I wish my parents hadn’t left the farm. Still I wouldn’t have met my wife and I wouldn’t have the family I now have. Maybe one day we will visit Maine to see it first hand. Thanks for your post.


      • Well winter finally with us so we have been having much better weather (from my point of view), lots of cloudy rainy days. Today is being spiteful, not a cloud in the sky and 27 Celsius (80 F). Just got back from my walk (8kms) and preparing to do some reorganizing of our storage plus some baking. Bought some Custard apples while I was at the markets, surprise for my wife. Time for a cuppa before I start!☕️


      • Custard Apples are a tropical fruit that is green and nobly. You eat them when they very soft and almost collapsing in your hand. You just pull them apart and bury your mouth in the white flesh. The flesh is wrapped around large seeds which you just spit out…..enough detail? They are extremely sweet and worth whatever it costs to get them! I am on my way, after coffee, to get more to take home for breakfast, my wife who originates from India is a big fan of them.
        Other related fruit are Durian and Jackfruit.


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