Saturday Tips & Tricks

Tip # 9: Get dressed! This one works along the lines of getting up and doing other things. If you are dressed for whatever exercise you feel less than motivated for; eventually you have to make the decision to exercise or take off the clothes. It is quite likely you will choose to exercise–you are dressed for it after all! If you combined this one with tip # 1 (get up and do other things to get the blood flowing), your chances of actually exercising double!

13 thoughts on “Saturday Tips & Tricks

  1. I can’t count how many times this trick has worked for me. It’s one of the reasons most of my ‘civilian’ outfits are athletic tops and such.

    I’ll have to try trick #1. I know it works for chores. I feel sort of silly for not trying it with working out. XD


  2. Good post. I will think about it tomorrow while I am lying in bed trying to get my head off the pillow – step one!


      • Hey I also forgot to comment on the ‘center of the road’ problem. Where I walk this is quite a problem due to the amount of rain we get and how heavily it rains. Most roads here are very cambered, so a walk can be quite a painful affair. I would use the center of the road accept for all the cars! Since most of the drivers are Chinese or Vietnamese I would feel safe in the middle of the road as they are use to driving sharing the road with pedestrians, my fear is the occasional honky that comes along would just as likely just hit me! 😝


      • Depends a lot really on where you live. Where I am use to be the ‘outer suburbs’ and sidewalks were not common, it spoilt the look. Now it is almost inner suburbs and lots of traffic. They are adding sidewalks bit by bit but probably not going to happen in my lifetime.


      • Hi. Just wondering if you would be prepared to write a ‘guest’ post for my blog on exercise, running and how you feel it benefits you…no pressure? I have been planning another post on exercise and just thought that it might be helpful to get a ‘runners’ input.


      • Any time you are ready. I had already started something when the idea came to me, I’ll put that on hold.


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