Saturday Tips & Tricks

Tip # 10: Listen to your body. It knows what it is talking about. I always say I don’t consider it a run if I stop. But that means stopping because I am tired or the hill is too big. If I sprain my ankle, you know I am walking home. And when I hurt my back, I didn’t do anything to antagonize it. One blogger I read continued to run in a race long after her body said no. She knew she shouldn’t, but she let the months of training for the event persuade her that she needed to finish.  Instead of maybe a week of downtime recovering, she was out of the game for months. We all need to learn from that lesson.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Tips & Tricks

  1. Ok got it…tomorrow morning I’m not getting out of bed!!!! Well that is what my body tells me everyday…Haha
    You are so right, if I had listened many years ago I could probably still run instead of being primarily restricted to walking.


      • Isn’t it dinner time? I don’t know how ‘re blogging’ works???? Perhaps send to me ‘this time’!
        BTW what’s with the ‘wear out’ thing? I’m in my relative prime! 😎


      • It is all relative! Working a farm (which I did into my 30s) definitely wears out a body faster than say, 25 yrs in taxation… Yes, I am waiting for the steak to come off the grill, then it will be dinner time!
        Ok, apparently I never hit send last nite! I just tried to send my post on your contact page, said it failed. Check your spam again? If not there, I can try a different way

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      • Hi. Just checked but nothing there. You can just email it if you like to ‘
        Actually the reason I joined the tax office was because at 28 my body was trashed and my doctor warned that if I kept it up I would be in a wheelchair by 50! Well I am still kind of mobile, albeit in constant pain. My resume makes for interesting reading, but until I joined the tax office all my jobs/businesses involved heavy work. I also was a workaholic and for more than ten years from my late teens always had at least two sometimes three jobs. Sorry I am in no way wanting to minimize your farm work, I grew up on one so I know what that is like.
        Actually I think I might write a post about all the stupid things I’ve done!
        Must be dinner time again, what’s for dinner tonight? 😎


      • Eventually…remember it is a government job so nothing happens fast. I expect to do the ‘driver evaluation’ in the next few weeks (that’s where I go and drive a bus around, no pay, with an instructor to make sure I can drive…takes three to five days apparently). Then a few weeks after that I should get a placement. Hope they hurry up my money is running out fast, and I’m getting older, and older…)


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