Weekly Rundown

Another week flown by! The weather was mostly lovely, and I got a very nice week of exercise in. 

Monday: Decided to take the munchkin, aka Daisy, for her walk. Didn’t go as far as planned (only 1 mile), the weather was a bit brisker than I had realized and I didn’t have enough on. I did, however,  get a much longer ride in than usual. Mr. Chris and I went on the road. Someone must have told him my plans, because I was barely on before he was out the driveway and down the road. He even went the way I had planned. All was going well until the local school bus came along. I think I was more worried than he was. The driver was nice enough to creep by and Christopher was alert, but not stressed.

Tuesday: off, yup, completely off!

Wednesday:  Went to check on my uncle’s house, so decided to take my run over there for a change of scenery. The wind was definitely a-blowing so I was glad I had a more protected route. Late in the afternoon I took Charby out and long-lined her for 30 minutes. And, yea! First time I took her out without Christopher and I didn’t have to walk him after because he had run himself into a lather.

Thursday: Had to go into town for a job fair, so I took a run on the rail trail. I never like running from the Augusta side as much, I don’t know why. I think the return trip is harder. But I manged 3.84 miles, then went and shopped with my friend Kate. A hair cut with some pampering and I was on my way home. My hair stylist is also a personal trainer, so you can imagine we never run out of things to talk about!  I  managed to do some ground work with Christopher after I got home. A very good day, and I slept quite well that night  🙂

Friday: My mom came up for our first riding date! She rode Charby–who was very good to her. I got on Christopher and we rode for about 30 minutes. The horses were very well behaved and I can’t wait until she comes up next week for our next date. We had lunch and after she went home (early enough to beat the rush hour traffic) I did some yoga. Definitely needed the stretching this week.

Saturday: My mom brought me up a treadmill on Friday. I have never really wanted to run on a treadmill, but I missed a lot of running during the winter and on rainy days, so when she offered it to me, I took it. So I took it for a spin Saturday morning. While I can’t say that is better than running outside, there is something to be said for running while watching the Walking Dead. That seemed a bit ironic actually, like I was practicing.

Sunday: well, I took the day off. Except it didn’t feel like a day off. I pushed 4 wheelbarrows full of horsey fertilizer to the garden from the barn. Did I ever mention how long my driveway is? And why did we put the garden and the barn at opposite ends of that driveway? Since I was there anyway, I cleaned up the rest of my barnyard. My wonderful husband spent a large portion of his one day off working on my riding ring. So I puttered around the field, setting up a lunging ring and some jumps. Of course, by the time we did all that, I had no energy left to ride. But I did have a lovely nap on the couch before dinner.

I call that a good week!


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