my Belated Thursday post:

So a funny thing happened on the way to my post yesterday: we had a series of thunderstorms roll through in the afternoon. The power went out just as I was uploading my photos from the phone to the cloud. And it stayed out until bedtime. Ooops! But, here it is, after just a minor delay 🙂

3 thoughts on “

  1. …and I am a bit late getting to it…been very busy with writing and babysitting!
    Winter is finally here and almost a snap change. Yesterday was mainly sunny but with a southerly wind straight from the Antarctic! Today is sunny sunny, no wind, but a complete freeze over. Forgot to change my alarm so I was awakened early for my walk. Funny to watch everyone trying to get off to work but struggling to get the ice off their windshields. Australians are never properly prepared for winter….you see it doesn’t really get cold here! :-/


      • Oh I like the cold…cold weather is cuggaly weather (as my grandson would say), that’s who we have been babysitting. I do my four days of driver evaluation starting next Tuesday. That’s where I spend four days driving around with an instructor, no pay, to make sure I can drive a bus! I have a heavy vehicle license so it shouldn’t be a problem.


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