Polaroids from the Trail

Polaroids, you say? Who still has a polaroid camera? Well, it turns out, I do. A Polaroid ColorPack II, which was my grandfather’s. It lived in my parents library for as long as I can remember, and now it lives in mine.

    Initially produced in 1969, the Colorpack 2 was the first rigid, plastic bodied, color film capable Polaroid to retail at consumer range prices, and set a precedent for many, many similar models that followed. The Colorpack is designed only for 100 series packfilm. Focusing is carried out by turning the distance-marked front lens element; unlike the original Polaroid 100-400 series packfilm cameras, this series features no rangefinder mechanism. As an improvement over the original folding series however, there is no need to cock the shutter after each exposure. The Colorpack 2 also takes generic ‘blue dot’ flashcubes, with a wind-up hot shoe and small plastic diffuser set to one side of the lens. Early versions of this model featured a glass lens, but most were plastic (which mine is)

Okay, I have to admit that I didn’t carry the Polaroid with me on my runs. That could be a bit awkward. But I have gotten some nice photos on my run. I thought I would share 🙂

a_1227.2015-05-27_123058          a_1220.2015-05-27_120326

My runs were Lilac–fueled this week, by the time the scent from one had faded, the next bush would appear


  My neighbors “de-rocked” the blueberry fields to make it easier to rake. This pile is a sample of the rocks they pulled out. Maine is outstanding in its field–of rocks! 

          a_1222.2015-05-27_122248                      a_1226.2015-05-27_123048

There is a lot of water on my route; streams, ponds, and bogs. Adds some wonderful tranquility to my run.


                                          The gravel pits at the I run through add striking scenery along the way

                               a_1228.2015-05-28_212231     a_1229.2015-05-28_212450

These are for SusieShy, she wanted to see some of the small (er) hills I was running to avoid climbing the mountain at the end of my loop 🙂

10 thoughts on “Polaroids from the Trail

  1. Sam,
    They are beautiful and you are lucky, so lucky to live among such heavenly beauty !
    Thank you for sharing pictures of your life and your run. No wonder you like to run and miss the run, when you don’t.


  2. Love the pics. Also liked the “it was my grandfathers”, nice touch, distance yourself from the possibility of being old enough to own one!!!
    Thanks for the post, enjoyed it very much.


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