Weekly Rundown

What did I do last week? It was steamy hot here, so I did a lot in the mornings and evenings. I did ride the beasties a couple times around 11ish in the morning, and the horses were not impressed. When I say hot, I mean we saw high 80s almost every day (90s down in the south end of the state where my mom is). For us in May, that is hot. And of course the humidity came with it. The only good thing I can say is we had a good breeze almost every day. I do enjoy heat, but it makes me want to lay down and sunbathe, not be active!

Monday: early morning hill drills, 5 rounds. I extended my rounds: the last few times I did the hill drills, I did the warm-up running drills (butt kicks, high knees, etc), then did sprints up the hill without repeating the running drills. This time I did the drills, ran further up the hill–although at a slower speed, did a plank for 30 seconds; and then repeated the whole round. Whew. I rested a bit–okay, a lot–then helped my husband clear more land for our Christmas trees for about an hour. In the afternoon, I went out and spent an hour and half in my ring, picking up rocks, raking some of the excess dirt that got left behind when my hubby dragged, and doing general cleanup. After that, I decided I didn’t need to ride. And I did sleep very well that night!

Tuesday: I spent another hour in the ring raking and picking rocks. Rock patrol will be on-going for a while, we definitely live on a granite ledge and the most prevalent crop our fields produce is rocks.  I did a half hour of groundwork with Christopher Robin, as well as some trust work. He is so smart! He picks up on my cues very quickly, which means I am going to have to find newer and newer exercises so he doesn’t get bored.

Wednesday: my second 5 mile run. It was a little slower, but as I slowed to chat with a couple of neighbors and take pictures, I am okay with that. Plus, my legs are a little tired from everything I have been doing. I think it would have been slower no matter what. But I finished with 5 burpees and 10 minutes of yoga stretching. I took my mat out on the porch, what a lovely way to start a morning! In the afternoon I took Charby for some work in the ring. She was pokey; I blame the heat. But we got some good work done, I do love my nice smooth ring! And it is so nice being on her, most days I don’t really care what we do.

Thursday: early morning flat drills. Argh! I did make it through, and was even inspired to do some arm weight exercises with my yoga stretches to finish it off.  It was supposed to rain (it never did), so I rode Christopher early. He was not impressed with the ring or the heat. He has this ‘resistance’ to work, particularly trotting. He sticks his head up and to the side as far as he can. Looks very silly. And I still make him trot. Poor boy. He picked up backing up as a resistance as well, but that is even less effective with me as Charby has done that for years. Usually I just point the butt in the direction I wanted to go and we get there anyway. He is more aware and flexible than Charby, it is much more difficult to make him go in the direction I want to go. But it keeps it exciting.

Friday: exciting is over-rated! Mom came up for our riding date and we went out back-back again. Christopher Robin acted like he hadn’t seen it at all last week and was just as excited to race (at a walk) to the end. When I tried to circle him so Mom and Charby could catch up, he did the backing up thing again: into the trees. Which was actually quite funny. His butt hit the tree trunk long before the branches bothered me, the land was logged in the last 10 years and the trees are not that big. I guess the honeymoon is over. He feels at home, so he is testing me to see what he can get away with. Picture a rather large 3-year-old toddler. That would be his mentality. He is still adorable. Just like the toddler!

Saturday: 28 minutes of yoga. Short exercise day as I had plans: I went to see my nephew run in the State Regionals for Track & Field. He ran the 800 x 4 relay and the 800 personal. One was the second race and the other was the close to the end, so we were there for the day. Some of the events were incredible. We have some very talented  students in the state. The times these kids were running were incredible. The girls 100m hurdles were taken, easily and by far, by a freshman. Imagine when she is a senior! The girls 400 x 4 relay was an extremely close race between two schools who pushed each other to new school records. And the boys 400 x 4 relay team from my nephew’s has already qualified for Nationals. It was a fun day, except for the sunburn I got on my feet as I forgot to apply the lotion there. Oops

Sunday: same yoga routine. Amazingly, also 28 minutes! It was quite a rainy day, so that is about all I did. I think I was resting up from the week. That’s my excuse anyway and I am sticking with it. There was a Jurassic Park marathon on tv, so I had something fun to do 😉


8 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. That weather sounds awful! Glad winter is here. Another freezer this morning, and decidedly less morning walkers. Still the coffee shop is warm, the coffee is strong and sweet…and it’s another 4kms home! Better leave now…have great evening.


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