Weekly Rundown

Another week and another rundown 🙂 The week didn’t start out very nicely, courtesy of Mother Nature. Three days of rain starting on Sunday. Fortunately the rest of the week was mostly warm and slightly cloudy. The sun came out for the weekend, which just goes to show that Mother Nature can be sweet when she wants to.

Monday: a blah day at best. Continuous rain, I had to tip some of my deck planters on their side as they were puddled with water. Since I clearly wasn’t going to get outside, I pulled out the treadmill.  25 mins was pretty good for me, even watching tv I get bored pretty quickly. I did keep increasing the speed so by the time I got off I was breathing rather heavily.  I have looked up some treadmill drills, which I hope will inspire me to go longer and make my next report happier.

Tuesday: more rain! Such a lousy day, I just took it off.

Wednesday: went for a walk with my friend Kate again. We ambled around our local arboretum, where the lilacs were in full bloom. The shaded path through the woods was lined with dozens of hosta–one of my favorite plants. It was a little windy, but the sun played with us through the clouds and it was a marvelous walk.  After I got home my farrier called and said he would be able come out and trim Charby’s feet. So I pulled her in from the field and she got a spa day. I brushed her until she shined and combed out her mane and most of her tail before the farrier got there. She looked all pretty and happy after he left. She is a girly girl and a day at the spa makes her very content.  🙂

Thursday: finally, a run day!! Just a 2.6 mile  run down the road, but I got a PR for my first mile on that particular mile, which I thought was pretty cool. I realized as I was running up the first hill that I was trucking right along, so instead of relaxing when I got to the top I kept going as fast as I could. When I got to the end of mile one I slowed down, but not as much I thought, it was only 20 seconds slower than my first mile. I was happy I was able to keep going that fast (not that it was really terribly fast) a pace after my first mile. My legs feel like they can go forever, it’s the lungs and cramps and upper body I have to worry about. Time for more core and arm work. And since I was so chuffed that I ran so well, I went back and did an arm and core workout. I did push ups from my balance ball, and it was actually easier than regular push ups. Who knew? I do feel the need to point out that I was doing them with the ball at my knees, so it was rather like doing “girly” push ups.

Friday: Another run! 2.8 miles down the hill. Well, up the 80% hill route, then down the hill until I met Mom driving up. My average mile seems to be getting faster. It is still not fast compared to others I know, but it is faster my runs last year and earlier this year. And improving on ourselves is all we can ask for. There will always be someone faster, so the only person I am competing against is myself. Glad to see I am winning 😉  Mom and I went for our ride, for a change of venue we went up to our neighbors’ and trotted around their back fields. Christopher Robin is still testing his boundaries. He was a rather pesty boy: he only likes to go forward. Doesn’t matter which way that is, but when I ask him to turn around he fights me every time. Which does give Mom and Charby time to catch up. And keeps my ride interesting. Although when he fights me on the road I get nervous, going in circles when a car comes flying around a curve is not my idea of a good time. But he is going to make me a better rider, and he will fall in line. For a horse that hasn’t been used for years, he is actually doing very well. His personality is sweet and loving, so I know these are just hiccups along the way.

Saturday: as much as I wanted to run, I made myself do yoga instead. I have been so focused on running that I have been ignoring my yoga. The problem with that being that I haven’t been stretching, so my body is getting tighter and tighter and I also haven’t had the mental release of the yoga. I do love the release from running as well, but it isn’t quite the same. So yoga (39 minutes) in the morning: and it did feel rather nice. And a ride in the afternoon on Charby. We didn’t get too much work done, she was feeling pokey. The young girls from my neighbors’ came down to gawk at the horses and ask questions about what I was doing, so I spent most of my half hour talking to them. It was a good time just playing with the horses.

Sunday: My husband had been asked to take his smoker over to a graduation party and smoke pork and sausage. We had to get there fairly early, so I definitely wasn’t getting a run in first. I am dedicated, but apparently not enough to run at 5:30 in the morning–yet! But I did run after we got all set up at the camp. It was about a 3.6 mile run, and it was a lovely area to run in. Shaded dirt roads, and pretty houses with wonderful flowers. Sitting at the lake watching the smoker smoke and enjoying the breeze was a rather fabulous way to spend the day.

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