Weekly Rundown

It was a marvelous week.  I have been running 10-12 mile weeks and this week I made 18 miles. Yea!

Monday: the week started off the same as last week–Rainy. Looking at the rest of the week’s plan, I decided it would be a good day to take off. But then the sun came out around 4:00. I decided to go play with Christopher Robin, and did some groundwork with him. He was such a good boy (I will try to remember this later in the week). After I fed the horses, I went out into the garden and cleaned leaves for an hour. I really should be done with this by now, but I have been lazy since my first spree of cleaning.

Tuesday: in the spirit of getting my upper body ready for the Urban Raid, I found a new yoga routine for my arms and core. It was about 5 moves, and they definitely added some strength training, but I added a few more moves to make the practice last 20 minutes.  In the afternoon I took Charby out to the riding ring and made her do circles and trots for half an hour. She is a darling horse, and so patiently did whatever I asked of her 🙂

Wednesday: went out for my first 5.5 mile run of the week. It actually felt really good, and I totally enjoyed it. My friend Kate came over and we did a little walking before sitting and chatting the rest of the day. We went out in the afternoon and she stayed while I brushed Christopher Robin. Then he and I went out to work. Kinda! I decided to lunge him on a line so I could put him over some jumps. The idea was to get him in shape without my weight on him. He, the pesty little boy, did everything possible to avoid the jumps. It was fairly amusing, and at least he got a lot of exercise–although I doubt that was his intention.

Thursday: After all the work I had done to my body so far, I thought it would be a good thing to do some stretching. I searched until I found a Candlelight Yoga by Sara Ivanhoe that I could watch instantly rather than waiting for a DVD to be shipped to me. 39 minutes of relaxful stretching. AHHHHH…..

Friday: another 5.5 run 🙂 I ran the same path as Wednesday. I was a little tired from the week, and my legs were tired. My miles were a bit slower, but the run still satisfying. It was Charby’s turn to be put to work, and I have to say she is so relaxing after Mr. Chris. Once upon a time, she was the one I had to work and work to get the results I wanted. Now she just placidly does whatever is asked of her. Gives me hope for the handsome boy!

Saturday: My mom was going to come up today to ride, as Friday had not worked this week for her. I got on the treadmill early so I would be ready when she arrived. I did a new workout:

run 10 minutes @ 2.7mph, 10 (girl) push-ups, run 10 minutes @ 3.2mph, 20 squats, run 10 minutes @ 3.5mph, 5 burpees.

That worked out pretty well, and I will continue it with more and more push-ups, squats, etc in between the running intervals. Unfortunately my mom couldn’t come, so I put off my ride until the afternoon when it was cooler. I decided to take Christopher out on the road, since he likes the trail rides so much. He was hurrying down the road when he suddenly decided to put on the brakes and go no further. Don’t ask, I have no idea. We did some circles, some discussing, some more circles, some backing into a ditch (that gave him pause for a minute), and ultimately I had to get off and lead him to where I wanted him to go. Then we had to find a stump because of course I was using the bareback pad and needed help hopping back on. We headed back towards the house after I got on, and went right past the driveway. We had almost made it to the top of the hill when  a motorcycle went by and that spooked the heck out of him. We had to have another discussion on whether we were going to continue as that was the way the scary motorcycle went. Eventually he agreed he would go and I considered that progress as I was still on top of him 🙂

Sunday: my final 5.3 mile run of the week. Feeling positive about my running abilities, I ran the loop with the large Blinn hill at the far end. I am definitely a long distance runner. My first 2 miles were awful. But by the time I had turned the corner at 2.5 miles, I was feeling much better. By the time I conquered the hill, I was feeling like I could keep going–just like that pink bunny. Not that the hill was easy. But as I ran up the three slopes that make up the hill, I remembered when I started running. I couldn’t even make it up the one slope without stopping. Now I can run over 4 miles and then run the whole hill….and beyond.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Yep you’ve tired me out again!
    Today is cold and wet here, but I stuck it out and went walking, in the rain (no that just makes me stupid! – just getting in ahead of you ). Heading off for a few days tomorrow before I start work on the 29th.
    When you get rain at this time of year does that mean Maine has a humid climate?
    Take care


    • It varies greatly! Sometimes it is very humid, but right now the temp is in the 60s, so it just feels cool. They always say if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes–it will change! I am a wuss, I don’t like being out in the rain. So I use it as an excuse to stay inside.

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