Weekly Rundown

A week of drills. After my week of long runs, I though it would be good to offset  with drills and core work. It might have been a good idea, but boy, my legs are a little sore. And my arms. And my fingers. But that last is more because I am addicted to a computer word game that takes up all my spare time.

Monday: I thought I would take Monday off. I had a job interview (still in process, so keep those fingers crossed) in the morning and then I went to hang out with my friend Amanda. She thought it would be fun to walk to our local Barnes & Noble. A few side trips and four miles later we made it back to her apartment. So I am not really sure that I took Monday off. While we did amble around the store as part of those miles, we also had some really good hills as part of those miles. Most important part was the fun we had 🙂

Tuesday: Candlight Yoga with Sara Ivanhoe. I really can’t overstate how relaxed and stretched out I feel after this routine. In the afternoon I tok Charby out to the ring and spent 30 minutes playing with her.

Wednesday: Early morning flat drills. Argh!! There may have been walking in between the drills….. Let’s just say there was sweat and aches when I was done and leave it at that.  It was Cristopher Robin’s day to be played with, so in the afternoon I went to see him. I had decided that he needed more ground work rather than more riding. He is an amiable, sweet boy but a stubborn streak a mile wide. He sometimes decides that perhaps I am not really in charge. Groundwork with a horse can build a bond, as well as trust and deciding who should be in charge. It can be a labor intensive effort, and it is extremely important to remain calm and never get angry. I did this with Charby when I first got her. In fact, I did ground work for 2 months before I ever got on her. She had a bit of a reputation for bucking and and being uncontrollable. And of course she has turned out to be the sweetest baby girl. The first person to get on her besides me was my 4 year old nephew, and she was good as gold as I led them around. So Christopher and I spent 30 minutes bonding…one hopes!

Thursday: I started off with 20 minutes of ab strengthening yoga, followed by 10 minutes of lovely stretches. In the afternoon it was Charby’s turn again. Instead of heading out to the ring, I took her out on the road. I can’t go too far, Christopher Robin freaks out if he can’t see her. I am afraid that in his stubborness he might go through the fence to look for us. That would be bad for the fence, and could be very bad for him if he got tangled. So we went out back in the woods a bit, then up the road and back, making circles and doing some trotting. I had the bareback pad on her, so I was practicing posting without stirrups while I was making her practice trotting down hill. I am sure it wasn’t pretty, but it was good for both of us.

Friday: Early morning hill drills. After my first butt kick drill, I literally stopped in the road and debated whether I should walk back to the house. I knew how guilty and mad at myself I would feel later, so I started up again. I did shorten my run between the drills, and didn’t do the plank at the top of the drill either. But I made it through, and there is a deep satisfaction in that. My mom came up again and we had a nice riding day. From grabbing the beasties to putting them away it takes about an hour and a half. Good quality time with Mom and the horses.

Saturday: off. No excuses either! I did do some garden work with my vegtables–my potatoes look great! But something killed all my summer squash 😦 And I did some weedwacking around the house, the vegetation was starting to take over. In the afternoon I went to my friend Jen’s house for her annual Porch Party. I think we just show up for the food. She likes to cook and feed people. We are very happy to let her do that for us. So yummy. I don’t even like ribs and I ate hers. She has just started a blog about her cooking and food, check it out: Apron not needed right here on WordPress.

Sunday: it was a lovely rainy day, the kind where you hear Mother Nature saying: stay inside, watch movies, nap all day. At least, that was what I heard! I did manage to motivate myself to do 27 minutes of arm and core weight training. Then I watched tv. And helped my hubby work on his latest project: a 1974 Case 646 tractor. It did not run when we got it. Took him about a week to get it to turn over. Then it wouldn’t move. These particular tractors are hydraulic based–if the hydraulics don’t work, nothing moves, including the wheels. So that took him another week, but by the end of yesterday he was driving it up and down the driveway. There really isn’t anything mechanical he can’t fix 🙂


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