Weekly Rundown

This was not one of my better weeks. I think I might still have been tired from overdoing the previous Friday and Saturday. And then on Tuesday my recurring monthly visitor arrived (boys, close your ears). That is never a particularly effective week for me. I pretty much called it a wash at that point. Not that I didn’t exercise for the rest of the week, I just didn’t stress over how long or how hard I was doing it.

Monday: This should have been a clue for how the week was going to go: I had absolutely no motivation. Even though Sunday had been a nice rainy day with nothing to do besides watch tv. I did stir myself to ride Charby in the afternoon. I took her out to the ring and we managed 35 minutes of fun. Christopher Robin got to come along too. The first time I took him out when I rode Charby, he was, let’s say, excessively disruptive. So I put him in the round pen while I ride. He has been better, so now he gets to come along.  Sometimes he follows us around the ring–exercise for everyone!  Feeling better after spending time with Charby, I came in and did 19 minutes of yoga.

Tuesday: Pushing myself out the door, I managed a 3.84 mile run. In the afternoon I took Christopher Robin out to do some ground training. I had a whole plan going on, but 2 minutes down the road the deer flies zeroed in on us. I took him back to the barn and sprayed him, then decided to just work in the driveway. I had gotten horse food that morning, so my car was still down by the barn. Silly boy, I led him past where my car usually is parked and he was terrified of the hosta plants. If only I could have gotten a picture of this pony giving the hairy eyeball to a plant. I mean, I do have a Sum and Substance hosta, each leaf are probably two feet across. But it wasn’t going to leap out of the garden at him and he certainly thought it was! Then we were off to the garage area. That always gives him the willies. So many odd and strange tools and smells. We would go a few steps, then I would talk to him until he willingly stepped forward a few more before he got nervous. The tractor in particular seemed like a huge predator to him.  Our session was only about 12 minutes, but he showed down by the garage that he is trusting me to take care of him even in the scary areas, so I figured that was good for one day.

Wednesday: off! So sweet.

Thursday: I refenced for the horses so they had more grass to munch on. Two hours and many, many deer flies, not to  mention broken brush clippers, we were good to go. I also walked the length of the fence line and clipped all the brush that had grown up and was shorting the electric fence. Afterwards (and here I am quite proud of myself) I threw the bareback pad on Charby and took them out to see the new area. Could have taken them weeks to find it by themselves! Since I was on her anyway, I spent 24 minutes practicing my posting without stirrups. I am definitely getting better at it.  I love that running strengthens my legs for riding, and riding does the same for running 🙂

Friday: a quick 2 mile run first thing in the morning. I am trying to get back to running right after feeding the horses. The longer I put it off, the less energy I have for it. In the afternoon I took CR out for a ride. In 30 minutes we had 5 “discussions” about whether he really wanted to go in the direction I wanted him to go. Each time, after some circling and backing up (I finally figured out how to get his back-end going the direction I wanted to go), we would continue as I asked. As my mom says, some day he will throw in the towel and just go in the direction I want him too. At which point, she suggested, I better not fall off in surprise. Its unprofessional.

Saturday: My husband finally got 2 days off. So of course we had a ton of work to do clearing trees. I did some ab based yoga (20 minutes)early before making us some french toast. Which we then worked off with several hours of chainsaw-ing (him) and brush clearing (me). I had planned to ride Charby in the early afternoon, but some friends showed up and she got a pass. And I got a great night with friends.

Sunday: More hours of brush clearing. And wood stacking. My husband continued with the chainsaw and I moved A LOT of brush. Excellent arm and ab work: arms from dragging the brush and abs from bracing as I tossed it on the ever-growing pile. Not mention squats as I had to pick up the wood to stack. Tree was big enough I could only carry one piece at a time. Dang short arms. After waiting out the heat of the afternoon–summer has finally caught up with us–I rode Charby. She was rather pokey, so I cantered her right off. She always perks up after a canter, waiting for the chance to do it again. Everyone likes to run, right?  I did lose her attention when CR decided to go back to the barnyard, but we still got a good half hour ride in.

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