Weekly Rundown

Weeks are going by so quickly. Feels like I was just complaining that last week was a wash! This week definitely went better, although Mother Nature kindly graced us with actual summer weather towards the end. Which is lovely if you have time to go to the beach, or cleaned up the boat (which we haven’t). But for outdoor work, there was a lot of sweat involved.

Monday: in an effort to beat the heat, I went to the local Rail Trail around 8 am and went for a 3.28 mile run. The trail had a lot of shade, and it was a nice run. Afterwards I spent the morning with my friend Kate. She is the one who locates graves for families, so we went to our local Veteran’s cemetery to locate two. It is a really lovely cemetery, and there was a service going on while we were there; we got to hear a 21 gun salute. In the afternoon I took Christopher Robin out to the round pen to do some work. He was a bit resistant, but I blame the heat and the flies. Couldn’t really blame him!

Tuesday: I worked my arms and core with a combination of yoga and weight lifting (I will at some point add this routine to the Drills page).  The first time I did this, I did 1 rep of 10. This time I did 2 reps of 10, and was surprised how well I was able to do it–I don’t want to say it was easy, just that I was able to do it well.  My arms and abs are starting to show a bit of definition, which makes me very happy. And hopefully my arms will be strong enough to pull me over the obstacles in my upcoming Raid! In the afternoon I decided to play with Charby. Instead of riding, since it is so hot, I put the long-line on her. This is basically a harness like for driving, but I walk behind her instead of having her pull a cart. It is just a different way of working with her, engaging different parts of her brain.

Wednesday: so humid. My phone app said 97%, not sure just how accurate that is but it certainly felt like we were walking through a fog. So I took the day off. I did take Christopher out later, when it was  a bit cooler, and tried long-lining him. I don’t know if horses just instinctively understand driving/pulling, or if he was trained earlier in life; but he took to it like a duck to water. He was so good, and had no confusion about why I was behind him instead of next to him or on him. He especially liked when I stopped to talk to a neighbor and he got to mow her lawn.

Thursday: this was a little bit of everything day. I realized that I hadn’t been taking Daisy out much, so I thought we should go for a run. I told my mom that I was taking her out for a mile, and she was concerned. Maybe we should just walk? Wouldn’t it be too much for her? Of course, I wasn’t going to pull her off her feet, if she needed to walk we would. Yeah, right. That little dog pulled me for the first third of the mile. Then the hill did slow her down just a bit. I had to convince her to turn around at the half mile point, and she trotted home just full of beans. She bounced around the living room while I did my yoga before finally settling on a chair. It didn’t seem quite as humid, so I threw a saddle on Charby and made her do 33 minutes of  work in the ring. She wasn’t as enthused as I was, but, as always, she did everything I asked her too.

Friday: I knew I had to get out early before the heat. But I didn’t wanna (insert whiny voice here) Somehow, I came to the conclusion that doing my flat drills would be better than doing an actual run. What was I thinking? Even at 7:30 am it was humid. My drills included walking in between rather than the running recovery I usually did. Otherwise, I would have been quite nauseous. The horses did get a day off, which I am sure they appreciated!

Saturday: finally, I got ahead of my mother! She was coming up to ride again, and once more I ran out to meet her. I have been trying to get to the end of the road, but she seems to have a lead foot and I never get as far out as I want. Of course, I didn’t start until 9:00 am, she leaves her place at 8:30 to get here around 10:00. So, hot already. I took a bottle of water with me this time. I am seriously considering a camelbak for my longer runs. It wasn’t a terribly long run, 4.4 miles. But it was long in heat! I was quite happy to see her car coming towards me. But: I made it past my goal–which turned out to be 3.97 miles. After she picked me up and we had coffee, we went out to play with the horses. We picked a strip of road (the flat strip I use for my drills) to ride on, since it was shaded and the ring would not be. The horses were excellent. Christopher Robin gave me probably our best ride yet, with no “discussions”, no head-shaking resistance when I asked him to trot, and he responded very well to the rein cues to pull him in a bit when we were trotting. Progress!!

Sunday: off. Ok, not really. More wood moving and garden work. Came close to 90 degrees, so that kept us drinking water.  In an effort to get more upper body strength, as well as be helpful, I had my husband give me a lesson on splitting wood. That was highly amusing for him. But I did manage to split some of the logs. And we moved  in more than a cord and a half of wood. That should help keep us warm this winter.  While he was sawing and loading the trailer, I worked in the veggie garden. Then I helped unload into the wood shed. And do some splitting. Oddly enough, by 3:00 pm we were both whupped. The horses got a day off. It was just too hot to make them do anything. By 8:30 it was still  in the 80s. We finally got the A/C put in the bedroom, which definitely made sleeping better.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. I think our Max is 16c today…but not a cloud in the sky. Breeze blowing which makes the temp seem much lower. Mind you it is much colder when I head off to work at 4.30am.
    Glad to hear you are getting a hint of summer before the winter returns…not long now!


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