Learning the curve part 2


A blog from my previous blog host site, thought it might be worth posting here, I doubt it was read that much on the other site! This is from last fall, and does follow my post Learning the Curve. Fortunately my road is in much better shape and I have again learned where to run going down the road 🙂

It was not a good day at work, and coming home to a run was a wonderful thing. Getting out there in the fresh air and focusing on making it up the next hill can really put problems in perspective. Or at least make you forget you have them. I seem to be doing a “progressive” week: started off at just over a mile, then just over two, and today I did just over three. Guess I know how far I will be running this weekend.

My “middle region” has been giving me fits this week, and I had trouble finding my stride again today. But as I ran down the dirt road and crossed onto the hardtop, it got easier. I decided I was finally relaxing and picked up my pace a bit. However, when I returned and hit the dirt again, once more I had problems. It then occurred to me that I can blame my town.

We moved onto this little dirt road in 1982. The town seemed to forget it existed except around tax time. In the 80s, there were only three houses on our road, so I am not sure I can blame them.

We were the last in town to get plowed, and that usually after my parents called the gentleman in charge of plowing to explain he had forgotten us again. We once had a spring storm that carved out a three-foot chasm in the road just above my parents’ driveway. It took several days to fix. Good thing we live on a loop so we could still get out!

Over the years, our road became more popular and now we have 10 whole houses on it.  They still drive by our road when plowing and come back when all the tarred roads are done to plow us out. But they grade the road a bit more often to get rid of the potholes these days.

Suddenly, however, our road has become a flurry of activity. They tarred the end of it. That was a surprise when I came over the hill in a run last week. Just an apron leading into our road. I’m not an engineer, so not sure how that helps. They widened the road a bit on that hill too.

But the big news was the granite they blasted out just above my parents old driveway. The road is at least twice as wide there now. Apparently, they are trying to prevent erosion and any other three-foot chasms (we only ever had the one). Then they graded the road. And got a bit slap happy with it. The rocks rolling around my road right now are huge. It’s like running on a gravel driveway and constant focus is needed to not twist an ankle. And they changed the crowning. I can’t find my stride because running where I am used to it is not where the road is flat now. Argh.

Now I have to figure out where to run all over again. And I can’t ride Charby on the road because of the rocks. Imagine having four bare feet on those rocks and carrying someone on your back.  Our back fields are slippery and wet due to the lovely wet snow we got two weekends in a row. Looks like she will be getting a vacation. Somehow I doubt she will complain.

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