Weekly Rundown

A very good week. Weather was mostly convenient, and my legs were mostly strong. I did a progressive week, making each run longer than the last. My Friday run made me very happy because, well, we will get to that….

Monday: a day off–sorta. My friend Amanda and I went for a walk. Only 1.36 miles, but it was fun in our capital park. Lovely tall trees spaced out among the paths and many squirrels to entertain us. In the afternoon I played with Charbie. Still warm, so we just worked on some long-lining in the ring.

Tuesday: another Daisy run.  That little puppy does love to go. We did the same mile, and she just had a blast. I did 23 minutes of free yoga (so mostly stretchy) afterwards.  Later I played with Christopher Robin. Our long-lining did not go as well, he seemed to think he should have a say in where we go! We backed about 200 ft up the hill, which was really Charby’s fault. He was fine until she hollared, then he thought he ought to go back. But we worked it out in the end 🙂

Wednesday: really off. Really.

Thursday: 2.28 miles first thing in the morning. I tried something new with the horses this week. I want them both to be comfortable in the barn, so I moved Christopher Robin’ bucket inside and ran a line through the barn so Charby couldn’t be mean. As with most events with these two equines, the experience was a non-event. She looked at him, food dripping from her mouth, with her large brown eyes; and then went back to dinner. He is more cautious, placing only a foot and his head inside to eat. Eventually we will get his whole pony body in there! So today I fed them, then released Charby when I came back. In the afternoon I decided it was cool enough to put a saddle on her and make her do some work. We did 35 minutes out in the ring.

Friday: ah, my busy day! I have explained before about trying to get perfect timing to run out to meet my mom when she comes up to ride. Today I wanted to run 4.o miles, so I left at what I thought would be an appropriate time. I decided as I was running down hill (after that first mile which was mostly uphill) and getting a ride back, I should try to improve my times. So I ran a bit faster. My 1st mile–the uphill–rather depressed me at 11:49. I ran harder after that, and got 9:43 for my second, which was only the second sub-10  minute this year. So I pressed on and got 9:39 for the third. Well, this is a good trend! The last mile, which is actually the flattest, with a bit of an uphill, I got 8:56. First sub-9 minute mile ever! And still no mom. Flushed with my success I decided to start walking back instead of running on. Which was a good call, as my faster pace and the slower traffic on the highway combined to have me walk 1.23 miles before she caught up with me. Then we rode. And excellent day all around!

Saturday: a serious lack of motivation! It was 4pm before I decided I better do something. I did just over a half hour of my weight training with my core yoga.

Sunday: my husband and I were going to Portland to see the Tall Ships that had come in on Saturday, check out my other blog for pictures. Such beautiful ships. I did get out early again, while the beasties were eating; and ran 2.02 miles. Have to say, between Friday and the strengthening on Saturday, first mile was very slow.  Then I loosened up and the second mile was much better.

A very good week!!

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