Weekly Rundown

Another week over! July was definitely the fastest month ever. And I am starting to really look forward to Fall. Not only is it my favorite time of the year–the colors, the scents, the air! But I am looking to better weather for exercising. We have had marvelous weather for all the beachy people. But not so much for riding or running.

Monday–I had to go to town in the morning; and, again, I have been having issues getting myself out there first thing to exercise. So when I got home at 11ish, I made myself get out there and run. Even in the heat and humidity, I managed 4.3 miles–slowly.  In the afternoon I took Charby out back to work in the ring. We took one turn around the field before the flies chased us right back out. We did about 20 minutes on the road instead.

Tuesday: Yoga day! I did my fav Fat Burning Yoga, which I haven’t done in a while. I was surprised how easy it was on my muscles, I guess all my weight training is working 🙂  I was going out in the afternoon to do some ground training with Christopher Robin. I needed to cut some of the larger weeds in our roundpen, so I went to my shed to grab the clippers. Big mistake. As soon as I swung the door open, there was a cloud of yellow, then something punched me on the nose. Dang! That hurt. And I have to admit to being such a wuss that I let the yellow-jacket sting derail my plans. I thought about taking CR  out on the road but I didn’t really know what to do with him, so I fed the beasties and called it good.

Wednesday: Pulled out the treadmill and did my treadmill drill: 5 minute warm-up, then (4) 10 minute bursts, with 1 minute rest and then 5 Burpees before the next burst, and each burst was incrementally faster.  That was one more burst than last week, and I am thinking next week of doing 30 seconds rather than a minute of rest. Or more Burpees. Or both? Just 10 minutes of play with CR, the bugs chased us in again. But he remembered a lot even though it has been a few weeks since I had him out there in the roundpen and was very well-behaved. He is such a love.

Thursday: off!

Friday: went to the obstacle course again with one of my teammates that will be running the Urban Raid with me. She brought her two daughters and we had a blast. Little warm up run around the park, then we went through the course twice. Happy to say the monkey bars were easier the second time around 🙂  Then we did a little retail therapy for the girl’s back to school clothes. A wonderful day all around.

Saturday: Back to my arm and core drill after an “almost” mile warm up with Daisy. It has been so hot that I only ran the road until we ran (literally) out of shade, then turned back as I didn’t want her to have to run in the sun and heat.

Sunday:  A hot day again. No “formal” exercise, but I did clean the barnyard up (three wheelbarrows full, thank you very much Charby and Christopher Robin) and then weedwacked around the house. Once I finished that, I helped with dragging more wood in. I don’t think we are going to be cold this winter. And what a good workout–squats and weight lifting. So good I managed to take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Another busy week I see. Been hectic here but my exercise has taken a thumping.
    Had my first accident in the bus today…nobody hurt and only minor damage to the bus… They kept telling us in training that it wasn’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’! I guess I know the answer to that now 👀
    Thanks for your post


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