Oh Dear

it’s almost here! 5km with 16 obstacles. What was I thinking?!

The Urban Raid is two days away and I might be a little nervous. I got my email with the course:

Oh my. Tractor Flip? Do I have to flip a tractor? I mean, it looked easy in Cars. But I’m not a car! Marine Hurdles? I am soooo not a Marine. About the easiest thing I can see is the run up Munjoy hill.

Ok, it’s not that bad. Tractor flips are really just flipping a tractor wheel.  I got that. Marine Hurdles?

  Not so sure I got this, I am only 5′ nothing tall. But maybe with momentum?

Cargo net crawl? I think my lack of height will be helping here! 

Cargo net climb: Bring it on!

 Cone  bars? Well, let’s hope my klutziness doesn’t kick in. Ditto with the tire fields.

Sand Bag–that’s just like a feed bag, right? Of course, I don’t usually lug them up hills and back  

And the deal is for every obstacle you can’t finish, you must do 10 burpees: 

I foresee a lot of burpees in my future  😉

5 thoughts on “Oh Dear

  1. I’m sure you’re just making a fuss to get sympathy 👀
    A farm girl like you shouldn’t have any problems.
    And just a reminder…winter is just around the corner! I only mention it because we are already getting spring/summer weather. No rain for weeks and every day cloudless and in the twenties…hot summer ahead I think 😒


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