Urban Raid

The normal Monday Weekly Rundown has been bumped for a recap of my Urban Raid last Saturday. Not only did I make it, but it was sooooo much fun!

                            I can’t wait to try it again next year.Maybe my nephew will actually talk me                                                                         into a Spartan run.  

We walked the course beforehand, which was great for the nerves to see all the obstacles first. My team mates and I had plenty of time as we had to get there at 8am to get our race packets and we didn’t run until 10:04. So not only did we run a 5k and leap  and climb over obstacles; we walked a 5k first.  It was a lovely warm-up and gave me the opportunity to take pics of the obstacles and the views: located above Portland Harbor, it was a beautiful location.

We went back to the car after picking up the packets and then hit a coffee shop.  So when we started walking the course, we didn’t quite start at the beginning.

Thus, I have no pics of the first three obstacles, which consisted of a tire field (hopping through like football players), then a set of hurdles set on traffic cones, and another tire field. I liked that the fourth obstacle was Munjoy Hill itself. It was neat that the Raid team used the terrain of the city as an obstacle. Of course, since my team mates were my neighbors, and I believe you are all familiar with the hills in our area,  Munjoy Hill held no fear for us.

The fifth obstacle was the sandbag: located in front of a circular garden, as we came up to it we saw people disappearing around the right side of the garden and coming back around the left to return the sandbags. Easy, right? What you couldn’t see until you were ’round the garden was the hill you had to carry it down and back up. Not too long, but for someone who picked up the “boys” sandbag instead of the “girls”  bag (the boys’ was twice the girls’), it was longer than it had to be!

 Tire drag: pull up a small incline, carry it back down (so the next person could drag it back up!)

  Team Mate Kate checking out the Steel Crawl

 Cargo net crawl: those crawls were a nice break before darting up that steep incline!

                  yes, I went over those!! And easily too. Thanks to those pre-runs with Penny on
the obstacle course.  And those monkey bars in the back ground too. Then
one more set of the hurdles 🙂

 The view beyond the monkey bars

Nate and (most of) Kate  

Me and more of Kate!  And what a view behind us. The day was simply perfect.

A set of tractor tires, cones, then tires again.   Nate showing how to flip that tire! The tires were roughly 50lbs apiece, which felt a bit heavier at that point in the race.

 I gave up on the rope and used the ladder, while Kate kept trying.

 Going down was a blast! 

The nice gentleman telling me the other side of the net was lower to get on. What do you think he meant by that?!
Kate & I scampered right up! And back down again.

Last! I try to figure out how I was going up and over this wall:
 Fortunately, the end panels had rock-climbing holds on them, so I used the black support to hop up on them and over I went! Proof:
Heading under the arch–and towards water!

Lots of stretching, water and a snowcone (thanks to the Winter Kids organization for handing those out) and I was ready to go again….well, maybe not. But I definitely want to do it next year. And maybe a few more. I hear there is an Inflatable Obstacle Course 5k next month……






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