Weekly Rundown

Urban Raid week!! I hate race week, because  I never know what exactly I should do for exercise. I mean, I have only had two race weeks so far. I look at what other athletes do, but it is so varied. I guess it comes down to figuring out what works for each of us.

Monday: Ran into Augusta in the morning, so I did a fairly fast 2.5 mile run on the Rail Trail. I forgot my headphones of course. I decided that as would be simply passing people, keeping my music on at a low tone would not be too rude.  Nobody frowned at me, so I guess it was ok. I did my first sub-10 minute first mile: usually my first is the slowest.  I did a slow(er) half, then pushed it again for the last mile. It was a good work out.

Tuesday: I was a slacker. I am sometimes! Took the day off.

Wednesday: Decided a good stretch was in order. So I did my Fat Burner Yoga, and it felt marvelous! Haven’t been doing as much yoga recently, at least not the stretchy kind, I have been focusing on my strength training for the Raid.  Need to do a bit more, I guess.

Thursday: Did my Daisy workout–1 mile run with her, then my arm/core workout.  That has really been working well for me, so I will be continuing that–gotta get ready for the next one, you know!

Friday: I originally planned on taking this day off, to rest before the race. But then I took Tuesday off. So I decided to do a nice, easy run on the rail trail. I was going to town to have a girls day with my friend Ellen, so I thought I would run first. My Aunt was in town from Florida, and I had invited her to dinner. Which meant cleaning. While I was at it, I decided to do a deep cleaning. You know, the kind where you move everything and clean under it? Then rearrange a bit? After getting all dusty and sweaty (humidity) I took a shower. I was in the shower, realizing how good it felt, when I decided maybe I shouldn’t run. Three hours cleaning, then I would be running around town shopping and gossiping, then my aunt for dinner….I would be pretty tired the next morning at the beginning of race if I kept pushing it.

Saturday: Race day! Since I already posted on the event, I won’t rehash it here. Except to say I loved it and I can’t wait to do another 🙂

Sunday: Up nice and early! At 6:30am my husband started discussing the possibility of tearing all the shingles off the front side roof so we could get started on metaling the roof. We did the back side last year, but ran out of time and help before we got the front done.  By 7am we were started gathering  tools and supplies. I learned two things:  I don’t mind being on a roof at all, and I bounced back pretty quick from that race 🙂

So it begins!


We didn’t get to put metal, on but we tarped it around 5 pm and called it a day.  We both slept well that night. And I guess we will be working up there again soon.

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