Weekly Rundown

Well, maybe I didn’t bounce back from last weekend as well as I thought. For the first time in recent memory, I actually took three days off.  I don’t think the humidity helped my energy level either. Again, 80% humidity might be great for beach-goers, but it doesn’t help my resolve at all!

Monday: off

Tuesday: busy day. Went to town for an interview, then got my hair cut (love my hairstylist!!) and played in town with Kate. When I got home in late afternoon, I managed to inspire myself do yoga. I did a Love of Yoga session, which is a DVD by my fav, Sara Ivanhoe. And it is actually work, so I am glad I did it.

Wednesday: another very busy day. Ran just over 2 miles first thing in morning, then headed over to my Aunt’s in the next town for an adventure with her. We headed up to her camp upstate to deliver a dresser. It was fun, I had never been to their camp, and I rarely get to spend so much quality time with my Aunt alone. After a 2.5 hour trip up, .5 hour in the camp and a 2.5 hour scoot back (after 20 minutes with my in-laws who live in the area), I was home again. Fed the horses, hugged the dogs and out the door 5 minutes later, on my way to a Pampered Chef party at my hubby’s aunt’s house. We had a grand time; not only do they show us product from the line, but we get to use while making something yummy to eat. And then we ate it 🙂

Thursday & Friday: off. Guess Wednesday was the nail in my tiredness coffin. I did hop on Christopher Robin to just sit while he was eating, been so long since I had been on a horse!

Saturday: back on track. Ran a slow 5k, stretching out my legs.  I took Charby out for about 20 minutes, just letting her wander. Sometimes it is just nice to hang out with the horses. CR followed us about as we went around the pasture. He was probably afraid of us leaving him and the  wild turkeys getting him. When I went out to feed in the morning, Christopher was on high alert. Took me a while to figure out I could hear the turkeys gobbling out in the pasture. Either he has never dealt with them, or he has forgotten. He is so silly.

Sunday: we finally got around to taking down the other half of the dead tree by our power line. A storm took down the first half for us (landing it on our hay barn. Not a good thing). It was nerve-wracking watching hubby taking it down, because it was dead and could just collapse the minute the chainsaw  touched it. But we were lucky, not only  did fall in the right direction, but it missed the hay barn on one side, and the gazebo on the other. And no one got hurt. Yay!! In the afternoon I bestirred myself (couldn’t take four days off)  to do some more yoga.

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