Weekly Rundown

Another week flown by. I don’t feel inspired to write about this week, as I just managed to muddle through it. After three days off the previous week, I set a stern goal of not slacking. However, my body didn’t agree with me and my determination made me exercise, which was great, but the runs were simply not that fun 😦 But another week awaits, and I can only hope my body will get it in gear!

Monday: started off the week with yoga–real yoga. I have been doing Candlelight yoga, one of my fav sessions, in between the strength training and running leading up to my Urban Raid. Candlelight yoga is a lovely, slow, stretchy yoga….and kind of a cop-out on an exercise day. I did my Fat Burning Yoga instead, which is a  twisty, sweat inducing DVD that left me feeling wonderful.

Tuesday: a short, fast run of 2.04 miles.

Wednesday: off

Thursday: deciding that I hadn’t run more than 2 to 3 miles while prepping for  and recovering from the race, I decided I needed to up my mileage. My body wasn’t so sure and we argued all the way through my 4.02 miles. Fortunately, I won and I did manage to (slowly) run the whole way.

Friday: Daisy run! I think my little pooch may have gained a bit of weight, so she will be getting her runs in more. It was a slow 1.44 mile run, she had to sniff and sniff and sniff. Silly puppy.  I followed it with more yoga, this time Love of Yoga. Another  harder, sweat inducing DVD that left me wrung out and feeling marvelous. In the afternoon I went out and put an actual saddle (as opposed to the bareback pad I had been using) on Charby. It was a lovely ride, and she was happy for the attention.

Saturday: I had to go to town for errands, so I decided I might as well run on the rail trail. I did 3.17 miles in an  rather average time, and got to chat with a fellow runner who was training for a half-marathon as we ran along. Obviously, I shouldn’t talk while running as I said I didn’t think I was going to want to do a half, but I was thinking about a 6k……argh. Of course I meant that I wanted to do a 10k, which is a hair over 6 miles. Must be the bouncing that jumbles my brain 😉 Later in the day I pulled Christopher Robin out of the barnyard and gave him a nice spa day. I did make him work with me in the driveway for a few minutes afterwards. He behaved, so he must not have minded too much.

Sunday: more roofing. After we had cleared all the shingles off two weeks ago, we had been waiting for a nice Sunday to put the metal on the roof.  Starting at 7am we went at it. We had gotten several of the panels up by the time help arrived around 1pm. With the help we got a lot done–although we have at least one, if not two, days worth of work left. We finished for the day around 5:30pm. It looks wonderful, and I can’t wait to hear the snow zooming off the roof all winter….wait, yes I can!!

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