Weekly Rundown

Another week down. And just as busy as the previous week. I think I am getting the hang of balancing work and exercise….a little, anyway! I did have a few extra days off, but that is more the fault of the my Pampered Chef party than work 🙂

Monday:  arm and core strength training. Seems to be my Monday thing these days. I do enjoy it, and it makes me feel so good at work to know I got up and did it!

Tuesday: early morning run 🙂 I do love it first thing in the morning, and it so nice and cool out there. The air is so fresh and the mist is rising from my bog. What more could one ask for?

Wednesday: a day off. Just a little too tired and busy to focus on anything.

Thursday: an evening run! I was so proud of myself for getting the energy and determination to run after I got home from work. It was only 1.37 miles, but it was quick and it felt good.

Friday: another day off. I had a Pampered Chef party, which was a great success: based on the fun and food more than the sales. But I wanted fun and food with my friends, so it worked out well.  (I don’t know if PC is world-wide, it’s an at-home sales event for cookware.)

Saturday: perhaps almost a day off, except for the hour tramp around the fencing carrying a bucket of tools and some large clippers. I needed, once more, to inspect the fencing  to ensure that power would carry from one end to the other. My pesty pony, otherwise known as Christopher Robin, has been getting out and I needed to make the fence “hot” to discourage him. He has been getting out in the early morning since I started locking them in the barnyard at night.  He is like a big puppy: when I go out in the morning to feed, he just follows me back to the gate (where he gets out) and waits for me to let him back in for breakfast.

Sunday: a ride!! I took an extra shift at work, and got home around 4:30ish in the afternoon. I went out, threw the bareback pad on Charby and away we went. She did a great job until it was time  to go in. She didn’t want to take the long route I had planned. So then I had to make her do it. CR was darting around us, getting her even more wound up. Then, when I was ready to get off and lead her, he walks up past us, looks at the path I had picked and trotted right down it. What a sweetie, because of course Charby just followed him and we went in 🙂


Throwback Thursday

In light of my busy schedule, I decided to go with a throwback post today. This is the post I wrote for my first race last September:

Today’s Plan: 5K Race

Finally, my first race day was here. Outta bed at 6, had my first cup of coffee and a shower. We got there shortly after 7 and registered. The parking highly amused my husband (a onetime fireman) when we were told to park at the fire station. Apparently there is a well trod path between the fire station and the brewery.

The race was in the same town that we boated to yesterday, as it was all a part of Harbor Fest.  I work in the town, and yesterday I saw quite a few people I know. I was amazed that today I knew no one except the owner of the brewery when I registered. Apparently, my clients are not runners! And yes, it started and ended at a small craft brewery: much to the enjoyment of my husband. After wandering aimlessly, and making friends in line for the bathrooms, it was finally time. A half marathon was also slated for the day, and they got sent off first. Then, we lined up. Next to me were two outgoing ladies who kept me entertained as we waited for the gun. In front of me was a dad with 2 kids, a girl and a boy. They started in front of me and finished in front of me. Can’t beat youth. But I can beat my best time. My first mile was 9:05, and then entire run was 29:18. The entertaining ladies were behind me on the run out and kept me moving to stay in front. After the turnaround, they caught me and we ran together, encouraging each other. They managed the last hill better than me and finished just ahead of me. It was a fabulous race. Cresting the first hill and seeing the rainbow of tshirts stretched out in front was invigorating. Hitting the turnaround was cause for thanks, and climbing the last hill was, well, painful but over quickly and then the race was finished. I saw the young girl after and asked if she beat her brother. She hadn’t, but she did beat dad.

Things I learned from my first race: I went out too fast, I couldn’t find my pace tempo that I’d been practicing because I was going to fast for it. Not knowing the course ahead of time means uncertainty in pacing: always ask where the turnaround is (not where I had thought) and where the finish line is (it’s not always the starting line!). Runners are a gregarious bunch willing to share experiences and always cheer each other on. I can’t wait to do it again.


Weekly Rundown

I can’t believe another week has flown by. At this rate it will be spring again at any moment.

I am still trying to integrate my exercise into my new work schedule, and there are definitely a few bumps. The biggest losers are the horses, it just takes so much time to get them ready and ride. Of course, they are getting fed, petted and not worked, so they may not consider themselves losers at all!

Monday: 90% of my core/arm workout. Couldn’t quite get it all done before I had to get ready to run out of the house. But I was feeling it the next day, so I guess I got enough done 🙂

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: yoga after work. Let me tell you a secret: I can not do yoga in the morning. I know it would be wonderful to stretch out my body before starting my day, but I am too stiff in the morning. Yoga becomes torture instead of delight.

Thursday: off again 😦

Friday: morning run! It was just a fast mile, but I got my butt out the door.

Saturday: another run. I am on a roll now 🙂 2.52 miles, and it was not a fun run. Chafing under my arm (I can’t seem to run in a tank top) and at around the .75 mark gas pains set in. But I decided I needed to run and I just kept going. I knew that I would feel much better at the other end, and I knew how bad I would feel if I didn’t finish the distance I had set for myself. Pain fades, satisfaction lasts, right?
I also managed to play with Christopher Robin. I took him out for some groundwork–he was really responsive, which was fabulous–and then I rode him in bareback with just the lead line. It was the first time I tried that, and he was just a doll-probably because I pointed him in the direction he wanted to go!

Sunday: another busy day with the husband. I took Daisy for a 2.49 mile walk first thing in the morning. It was a great way to stretch out the muscles after my runs and weight lifting during the week. And we climbed the “hill,” which was good for my legs. Then I helped the hubby build an extension off the peak over our front door, so that it reached to the edge of the deck. When he didn’t need me, I was in the house  cleaning. I was tired that night! I have a pedometer from work now, and Sunday was the first day I used it. Just over 11,000 steps. Whew!

The Horse Post

I am very protective of my phone. I really, really don’t want to have to get another. I definitely don’t want to have to pay for another iPhone.  So I don’t have a lot of photos from atop the equines. One never knows when they might decide to go left suddenly if you aren’t paying attention.

I came home tonight and took a few pics so show them off. Had to lure them out of the barn with treats, so there are a few with extended noses.  I do need I could get some video of my boy, the pony floats like an Arab when he is running. 

Charlotte Marie (better known as Charby) and Christopher Robin (also known as CR or Chrissyfer):

  I could see you might not believe he runs like an Arab, looking at that goofy face!

  I’d like to say “awww, love” but really he is seeing if she has anything to share!

    Got more?!

  What a face!  I do love my girl

   I love how clear he came out but the rest of the photo is full of movement (that would be me trying to get far enough away to take the pic 😉 )

  Best buddies eating dinner together–although CR has only one foot in the barn in case a quick exit is needed!

Weekly Rundown

I finally have rejoined the working force. Which played havoc with my exercising last week as I tried to find time to fit in my workouts around my new 40 hours. Not that I am complaining, I am very much enjoying my new position!

Monday: my last day before work, I took Daisy for a nice long walk. We did 2.46 miles, and she loved every minute of it. Nothing makes her happier than getting out and about. And it is so very much fun to watch her little legs go.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: I managed a few minutes of yoga when I got home. It is hard to get anything done when I have to come home, clean the dishes, feed the horses and then make dinner. So I only got 20 minutes of yoga in. But it is a work in progress.

Thursday: : A quick 2 mile run first thing. I was so proud of getting myself up and running before work. Soon I will figure out how to go further 🙂 I was hustling out the door trying to make sure I was on time for work.

Friday: I would like to say it was off, as I didn’t do any “real” exercise.  But I walked the length and breadth of the hospital (my new position) several times and I think that qualifies!

Saturday: off again! Nap in the morning (no surprise there) and I went to a ‘girls day’ party at one of my friend’s. Not much exercise, but food and gossip made for a marvelous afternoon.

Sunday: repeat of last Sunday, yoga and a ride. This time I did an actual session, my Fat Burning Yoga. Loved it as always. This week I rode Charby,  and not for very long. But it was nice to get on and play with her.

So a short week for my rundown, but a very enjoyable one. Hopefully next week I will work in a bit more exercise 🙂


The Bruce Post

So I can hear you all thinking, what about Bruce? I post about riding with Charby and Christopher Robin, and I post about walking Daisy. But where is that big lovey Bruce?

Well, most of the time, he is hiding in his Lair.  I think it must be the coolest place in the house. He crawls in between the rack holding the fabric and sewing notions and the futon couch in the library.

Yes, I have a library….slash sewing room.  My books tend to overtake (and get used more) than the sewing supplies. Bruce loves it in there, I think he thinks it is his room. If he isn’t in the “lair”, he is lying in the middle of the carpet, or in the doorway looking out.

He is a content dog without a lot of activity.  In the winter he makes sure the couch doesn’t fly away. But when he is outside he is very happy, and keeps all the squirrels and chipmunks on their toes. And, of course, loves car rides.

I thought it would be nice to take him for a 2 mile walk last week. The hardest part was getting pictures of him, as he was so excited to be out there he didn’t want to look at me when I called him.

photo 1 (1) photo 4
 he was very handsome, prancing down the road with his head high and his white flagged tail   waving

photo 4 (1)                i love standing on the road in the shadow, looking out at the bright field

photo 3 (2)  photo 3
                                            the fruits of fall

photo 2 (1)  photo 2
    the beginning…..                              ….and end of our walk

photo 1                                            the wild bamboo in bloom all along our road







Weekly Rundown

Another week! Where do they go? Now we are fully into September and the foliage knows it, turning wonderfully vivid colors for us. Mother Nature, on the other hand, seems to think the warm weather is so popular that she must keep the humidity up.

I know, I know, we are never satisfied. Too hot, too cold, too much snow, not enough snow. But then, if can’t complain harmlessly about the weather, what can we complain about? Everything else is so very serious.

Monday: went to Augusta again, so decided that I would run the Rail Trail. I ran from the other end, have not run that way in several months and thought it would be nice to do something different. Ran 4.02 miles in a decent enough time, although nothing to brag about.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: I tried to run and then do my arm/core session. What is it they say about the best laid plans? I had a deadline on my plans, as I had to run up for my health screening for my new job (I got a job!!). I had to leave around the same time I would for my position, so I thought I would see how it goes getting up, exercising, feeding the beasties, getting ready, etc.  Took Daisy for a mile run, but she wasn’t feeling well (someone got into the trash Tuesday) and we only did .75 mile. Fed the beasties and squeezed a few core exercises in before I had to shower. Guess I will be fine tuning this plan!

Thursday: Daisy walk. She was feeling much better-nothing keeps her down for long–so we went down the big hill and back. Turned into a nice 2.64 mile walk that was quite hilly to work my legs.

Friday: More ab core work, since Wednesday’s were cut short. I did my ab yoga routine along with a few other stretchy moves. I also took Charby out and gave her a nice brushing. I had her do some groundwork too,  as I had decided I just didn’t feel like getting on. Sometimes it is just nice to hang out with her 🙂

Saturday: Walking again, this time with Bruce. We did a neat 2 miles, and he was very well-behaved. I think it is hard with the two of them as they are always trying to stay ahead of the other. He wasn’t even sniffing too much, he was having a good time going forward down the road. The only time he got excited was when the chipmunk crossed the road. Got to be on guard against those ‘munks, you know.

Sunday: I decided to ride in the morning, before I got tired and pushed it off to the next day. I picked on Christopher Robin, and we just did a little trotting on the road, and then worked on him standing still while I got on and off, going past scary stuff, etc. In the afternoon my husband went to the local fair. I would think the two hours we spent walking around could be considered exercise as well. It certainly was fun! And considering the fair food, I hope we burned a few calories first 😉

Postcards from the Trail

Daisy and I went for a walk this morning, I was just going to do about a mile, to the end of our road and back. Halfway to the end of our road, I decided we might as well as go down the big hill to check on the construction. They decided the bridge at the bottom of the hill needed to be replaced.  The bridge is really an overgrown culvert, so when they blocked off the hill so that our dirt road became the detour route, I didn’t think it would take too long. Three weeks of zipping cars and lumbering dump trucks later, I thought I would check in on the progress.

Daisy had a great time!! As soon as we hit the tar road we met some neighbors from up on the hill walking down to inspect the road work with their dog. After some initial excitement, we all continued down the hill. It doesn’t look good for getting our road back anytime soon. But on the way home we met our garbage lady–Daisy thought she smelled awesome. Then we met the new tenants in the house up the road. Of course Daisy loved everyone. And everyone loved Daisy.

Since we were walking I got to take pictures of everything I see when I am running and don’t want to stop. It worked out well for everyone: I got to take pictures and Daisy got to sniff while I did 🙂

photo 2 (1)  photo 1 (1)
 sun was just clearing the trees as we came back up the hill

photo 2 (2)  photo 2 (3)  photo 2
                                 i love the textures of fall, especially the grasses

photo 3 (1)  photo 4 (1)
 daisy was pretty sure the barrel was going to attack her.
after the wet grass and dirt road, she had mud-locks
on her legs, she went straight into the tub!

photo 5  photo 3 (3)  photo 4 (2)
stone cairns left by the road crew that widened our road last month;
like Stonehenge i am sure they mean something, i am just not
sure what

photo 1  photo 1 (3)  photo 1 (2)
my road looks so nice in the early morning, between the hush and the light

photo 4  photo 3  photo 3 (2)