Weekly Rundown

Another week! Where do they go? Now we are fully into September and the foliage knows it, turning wonderfully vivid colors for us. Mother Nature, on the other hand, seems to think the warm weather is so popular that she must keep the humidity up.

I know, I know, we are never satisfied. Too hot, too cold, too much snow, not enough snow. But then, if can’t complain harmlessly about the weather, what can we complain about? Everything else is so very serious.

Monday: went to Augusta again, so decided that I would run the Rail Trail. I ran from the other end, have not run that way in several months and thought it would be nice to do something different. Ran 4.02 miles in a decent enough time, although nothing to brag about.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: I tried to run and then do my arm/core session. What is it they say about the best laid plans? I had a deadline on my plans, as I had to run up for my health screening for my new job (I got a job!!). I had to leave around the same time I would for my position, so I thought I would see how it goes getting up, exercising, feeding the beasties, getting ready, etc.  Took Daisy for a mile run, but she wasn’t feeling well (someone got into the trash Tuesday) and we only did .75 mile. Fed the beasties and squeezed a few core exercises in before I had to shower. Guess I will be fine tuning this plan!

Thursday: Daisy walk. She was feeling much better-nothing keeps her down for long–so we went down the big hill and back. Turned into a nice 2.64 mile walk that was quite hilly to work my legs.

Friday: More ab core work, since Wednesday’s were cut short. I did my ab yoga routine along with a few other stretchy moves. I also took Charby out and gave her a nice brushing. I had her do some groundwork too,  as I had decided I just didn’t feel like getting on. Sometimes it is just nice to hang out with her 🙂

Saturday: Walking again, this time with Bruce. We did a neat 2 miles, and he was very well-behaved. I think it is hard with the two of them as they are always trying to stay ahead of the other. He wasn’t even sniffing too much, he was having a good time going forward down the road. The only time he got excited was when the chipmunk crossed the road. Got to be on guard against those ‘munks, you know.

Sunday: I decided to ride in the morning, before I got tired and pushed it off to the next day. I picked on Christopher Robin, and we just did a little trotting on the road, and then worked on him standing still while I got on and off, going past scary stuff, etc. In the afternoon my husband went to the local fair. I would think the two hours we spent walking around could be considered exercise as well. It certainly was fun! And considering the fair food, I hope we burned a few calories first 😉

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