Weekly Rundown

I finally have rejoined the working force. Which played havoc with my exercising last week as I tried to find time to fit in my workouts around my new 40 hours. Not that I am complaining, I am very much enjoying my new position!

Monday: my last day before work, I took Daisy for a nice long walk. We did 2.46 miles, and she loved every minute of it. Nothing makes her happier than getting out and about. And it is so very much fun to watch her little legs go.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: I managed a few minutes of yoga when I got home. It is hard to get anything done when I have to come home, clean the dishes, feed the horses and then make dinner. So I only got 20 minutes of yoga in. But it is a work in progress.

Thursday: : A quick 2 mile run first thing. I was so proud of getting myself up and running before work. Soon I will figure out how to go further 🙂 I was hustling out the door trying to make sure I was on time for work.

Friday: I would like to say it was off, as I didn’t do any “real” exercise.  But I walked the length and breadth of the hospital (my new position) several times and I think that qualifies!

Saturday: off again! Nap in the morning (no surprise there) and I went to a ‘girls day’ party at one of my friend’s. Not much exercise, but food and gossip made for a marvelous afternoon.

Sunday: repeat of last Sunday, yoga and a ride. This time I did an actual session, my Fat Burning Yoga. Loved it as always. This week I rode Charby,  and not for very long. But it was nice to get on and play with her.

So a short week for my rundown, but a very enjoyable one. Hopefully next week I will work in a bit more exercise 🙂


3 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. The first week in a new job is always going to mess with exercise. I’m impressed you managed to go for a run in the morning at all – I remember the last time I started a job, I was completely exhausted during the first couple of weeks…


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