Weekly Rundown

Another week down. And just as busy as the previous week. I think I am getting the hang of balancing work and exercise….a little, anyway! I did have a few extra days off, but that is more the fault of the my Pampered Chef party than work 🙂

Monday:  arm and core strength training. Seems to be my Monday thing these days. I do enjoy it, and it makes me feel so good at work to know I got up and did it!

Tuesday: early morning run 🙂 I do love it first thing in the morning, and it so nice and cool out there. The air is so fresh and the mist is rising from my bog. What more could one ask for?

Wednesday: a day off. Just a little too tired and busy to focus on anything.

Thursday: an evening run! I was so proud of myself for getting the energy and determination to run after I got home from work. It was only 1.37 miles, but it was quick and it felt good.

Friday: another day off. I had a Pampered Chef party, which was a great success: based on the fun and food more than the sales. But I wanted fun and food with my friends, so it worked out well.  (I don’t know if PC is world-wide, it’s an at-home sales event for cookware.)

Saturday: perhaps almost a day off, except for the hour tramp around the fencing carrying a bucket of tools and some large clippers. I needed, once more, to inspect the fencing  to ensure that power would carry from one end to the other. My pesty pony, otherwise known as Christopher Robin, has been getting out and I needed to make the fence “hot” to discourage him. He has been getting out in the early morning since I started locking them in the barnyard at night.  He is like a big puppy: when I go out in the morning to feed, he just follows me back to the gate (where he gets out) and waits for me to let him back in for breakfast.

Sunday: a ride!! I took an extra shift at work, and got home around 4:30ish in the afternoon. I went out, threw the bareback pad on Charby and away we went. She did a great job until it was time  to go in. She didn’t want to take the long route I had planned. So then I had to make her do it. CR was darting around us, getting her even more wound up. Then, when I was ready to get off and lead her, he walks up past us, looks at the path I had picked and trotted right down it. What a sweetie, because of course Charby just followed him and we went in 🙂


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