Weekly Rundown

Another week barely worth writing about!  I started out with wonderful intentions. But Life, it just keeps getting in the way. I managed to run Monday and Tuesday. But I had to work later the next three days, and then on Saturday I got called into work. Like last week, I will only write about the days where I got anything done 😉

Monday: Ran a quick 2 miles. Being my first run in….how long has it been? It was hard on me. And 2 miles is not really long enough for me to hit my stride. I really am a long distance runner. But I was happy to be out there running.

Tuesday: Ran my personal “5K” route. This one felt much better, and I remembered why I love to run so much. In the afternoon I pulled Christopher Robin out to the round pen and lunged him. And I mean pulled literally. He decided he wasn’t leaving the barnyard when Charby got to stay. After the first refusal I offered a treat. (I am not much on treats for  good behavior, but sometimes it is just easier.) That didn’t work, so we did some “I’m in charge” work in the barnyard–anything you can do to control a horse’s feet  (forward, back, turns) indicates to them that you are in charge of their movements. Lovely, but didn’t work. I eventually got him backed into the lane out to the field. We backed quite a ways, then turned and got our treat. Then we had to get down the lane to the pen. The 2 minute trip took 10 minutes. Ah well, he was lovely once we got there. And I rode him back in bareback with the lead line and he was good as gold.

Sunday: no running, but lots of activity! I got over 5,000 steps just cleaning the house in the morning. Love a freshly cleaned house, just wish it stayed cleaned longer. In the afternoon I helped my hubby with more fire wood. Our shed is full–yay–so he spent the morning making racks for more. We ran out last year, so he is determined we will have more than enough for this winter.  Several hours later we had the wood stacked and we were beat. After feeding the horses, I turned on the football game and called it a day 🙂

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