Weekly Rundown

Sorry that I was late this week, but I got hacked yesterday. Argh! They sent an email from my account saying I was in Turkey (that sounds fun!) and I had been robbed and needed money (not so fun). They wiped out my contact list too. By the time I had reset my email, upped my security and sent emails/Fb responses to everyone I was done with the computer for the day. So here we are with the weekly rundown:

Monday: a beautiful day. I do love my fall weather. I had this idea that I could do my flat drills in the driveway, instead of out on the road. So I did a slow .5m warm-up, then my 8 drills, and a slow .5 cool down. Then I did Burpees–which was drill 9 anyway. Followed by 10 minutes of yoga stretching. Felt incredibly good afterwards.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: long day at work, but I did manage to do some slow yoga. I have been DVRing the Muppet Show, so I watch that as I yoga. Gotta say I am enjoying the “grown-up” version of the Muppets.

Thursday: took my car down for inspection–didn’t pass 😦 But I left from there and did a 3m run. It might have been a bit faster if I hadn’t stopped to take pictures of all the pretty fall leaves. It did reinforce my aversion to stopping, I really think it is easier to keep going than to stop and get going again. And the last hill. I was so not looking to it, but I trudged up and by the top I realized I was going faster than I had been at the bottom. Wheeee!

Friday: off

Saturday: a great day! Little cooler than it has been, but I managed to run AND ride. I rode first, as I frequently run out of steam and the riding is the thing that doesn’t get done. I rode Charby, as her foot seems better. I didn’t push her, however, we just wandered around the field at a walk. She liked the attention too. At the end of the day, I went for a quick 2m run.

Sunday: in reality I think it might have been a day off. I went for a walk at the local arboretum, but we kinda wandered slowly so I am not sure I burned any calories. But I had a blast! It was so pretty, and very crisp. But the time we were done we were starving. Which worked as we went to another friend’s party where we were so over fed! With totally excellent food.

Geez, that was like a real week. Hopefully I will keep it going 🙂

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