Weekly Rundown

Another great demonstration of my tagline: my journey into running amid life’s distractions. My week started with great intentions. For some reason, that I can’t recall presently, I took Monday off. That didn’t go as well as I planned as the rest of the week also did not go to plan!

Monday: planned day off.

Tuesday: I played with Christopher Robin. We had a great spa day. There has been a resurgence of  tick season here, and I have been pulling them off the horses by the dozens.  Charby takes this with good grace, but CR is a bit more sensitive. I guess he figures the only time I came to visit was to tug and pull at him. So we had a nice day where he got brushed and loved and no tick pulling.  I then had to rewrap Charby’s foot, it is better, but still sore and occasionally weeping.  I did go for a run, 2.32 miles, but I felt it was quite slow and wasn’t that happy with it.

Wednesday: now, there was a good run. I had to drop my car off (again) at my mechanic’s (brakes are fixed, whoo-hoo!). So I did the same run as I did last week when I dropped my car off. It was wonderful, just over 3m. I stretched out on the porch with the pups after I got home, and we all enjoyed that. The afternoon was sunny and perfect to hang outside. I had such a runner’s high and bounced around the house for the rest of the afternoon.  I took Christopher Robin for a walk down the road, we went about a half mile total.  He loved getting out and was such a sweetie while we walked.

Thursday: planned day off

Friday: oops off. I had planned a walk around the hospital with a friend before I went home.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to make. And the walk from the hospital to the car convinced me it wasn’t such a bad thing. It was chilly with quite a nasty wind. Bah.

Saturday: I got sent home from work early, so I was able to do some grocery shopping on the way home. After putting the groceries away, I did 26 minutes of free yoga. I mixed strength poses with stretching poses and if felt fabulous. I hadn’t done yoga for a while and it was just a wonderful thing to do.

Sunday: another oops off. Between the rain and the house cleaning and the football game, I was not able to get to run. Still, was a busy day, so at least I know that I wasn’t lazing around 😛

Even with my distractions, I feel that it was a  pretty good week. I truly enjoyed the exercise I did manage to get in and that is rather the point, isn’t it?


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